Brand USA

As an agency we work with a variety of brands and are uniquely situated ourselves on the services side of the hospitality industry.

In our work in event around the country, and with our more than decade-long partnership with the Hospitality, Sales & Marketing Association International we’ve gotten to know a number of CVBs. These are the local bodies in the pursuit of tourism dollars for their cities, states and regions.

What I recently learned is that the United States as a whole has a similar body called Brand USA. Sadly, I learned this at a concerning time for its existence as the administration is seeking to eliminate funding for it. $93 million of the bipartisan organization’s $150 million budget has come from federal funding. The travel and tourism industry brought in $8.9 billion last year. I'd say that's a pretty compelling ROI.

Regardless of political affiliation, it’s a poignant reminder of how the greater political climate can affect our industry and our own business. The health and prominence of the US events and hospitality industry is a tide that raises all ships.