Food on the Fly

As event planners, it is no secret that we are all passionate about our food. With constant exposure to caterers and chefs, we surely have experienced a variety of what this city has to offer. My dream in life is to be surrounded by a variety of tapas-sized plates of culinary goodness. And lucky for me…this dream has come true!

Since I began working in this city five years ago, New York has continued to increase its number of outdoor food festivals, going beyond your average meal to create an immersive community experience. These festivals serve as a footprint for local food entrepreneurs to share their talents in high-traffic pedestrian areas that are usually unreachable due to extravagant rent and increasing taxes. For many new businesses and entrepreneurs, these venues take what seems impossible and place it completely within reach.

As a consumer, I can find an ideal meal haven with a plethora of options just around the corner. So, when I want curry ketchup & lemon garlic fries, carne asada tacos, and dairy-free salted peanut butter ice cream (and not always in that order) my dreams are only a few short lines away! This was my lineup from a recent trip to the mother of all food-sampling meccas, Smorgasburg. Sure, I had to venture across the river to Brooklyn for these delicious finds. But thanks to Urban Space NYC, semi-permanent food installations are popping up all over Manhattan – one is currently less than a block away from Team SEQ’s home base!

With over 20 vendors and multiple areas for outdoor seating in the Garment District just feet from our office, it’s now easy to avoid large chains and choose from a more local and delicious variety. My walk down Broadway to work in the morning has never smelled so wonderful! Sure, having this amount of good food so easily accessible does have its risks. When I’m having a long day, it never fails to escape my mind that the delicious compost cookies from Momofuku Milk Bar or ice cream sandwiches from Melt are just steps away.

Since joining Team SEQ, I’ve learned that I am far from alone here in my passion for good food. With an ongoing conversation about the latest and greatest Mexican restaurants and a well-established hummus bar one room away, food is most definitely our favorite topic. Team SEQ has even marked the shared calendar for the Big Apple BBQ on 6/13-14. We hope to see you there!

We would love to share our love of food with you! See below for just a taste of what is out there this season:

Madison Square Eats May 1st-28th;

Garment District May 4th to June 14th

Broadway Bites June 1st – July 26th

Smorgasburg Every weekend April – November in Brooklyn and coming to Queens in June!

Hester Street Fair Every Saturday April – October