LIVE BLOG: 86th Annual Academy Awards

A little over a month ago, the 2014 award season began with our LIVE blog of the 56th Annual Grammy Awards and now, here we are past the Golden Globes, the SAG's and the Winter Olympics.. **whew** times flies!  To cap off an epic year of awards,  below we begin the LIVE play-by-play of this year's reactions and observations of the most highly anticipated award show of the year:  The Oscars!

While we wait through the red carpet arrivals, here are some fun event facts to hold you over:

  • The Oscar Statuette weighs 8.5 pounds (wowza!)
  • The number of statuettes produced for this years awards:  50
  • How much red carpet does it require to enter the Dolby Theater: 500 feet
  • How much are the swag bags worth (total) for this years guests?  :  $55,000+

8:24pm:  I'm going to go ahead and get a little jump start because I can't help but comment about how the fashion trend for the ladies this year is not poppy red, navy blue or lemon yellow… its sparkly and its neutral!  Talk about elegance in all of the cream, grey and nude glory.  Say it with me:  CLASSY.

8:28pm:  This just in… Jennifer Lawrence already pulls a "Jennifer Lawrence" and falls on the red carpet.   It's reported she fell over a large, orange, traffic cone.  Oy!   We can always count on JL for adding a dose of normal to the seemingly perfect image of the rich and famous.

8:31pm:  Here's ELLEN!  Does anyone like her as much as I do?  OH SNAP… Ellen just throws her first dig.. calling Liza Minnelli a MAN-- to her FACE!  Oh dear - that wasn't very nice… but oh-so-funny.

8:37pm:  YES!  Ellen just brought up the fact that JL tripped over an orange cone on the way in!  Yes, yes, yes!  The event producers on walkie's smartly got this epic piece of info into Ellen's ear for a great intro bit!  But don't say you didn't hear it first, HERE on the SEQ blog!

8:43pm: So far, no surprises. Congratulations Jared Leto!  Prediction: Matthew McConaughey will also win an Oscar, because the Academy LOVES actors that are transformative in their roles.

8:45pm:  3 minutes later, and Leto is still talking.  **Note to self: When winning an Oscar (who am I kidding- or any other award) - hope that you're the first category up, because it appears you can just keep talking on your soapbox without any stage hook music.

8:47pm:  Does anyone else miss the Ace Venture days?  Nostalgia makes me wish Jim Carrey would make a comeback.  And no… not the sequel to Dumb & Dumber type of comeback.   The Ace, Mask, Grinch days of Jim Carrey.

8:50pm: I'm not sick of it. Are you?  Pharrell's HAPPY is catchy, amazing and infectious.  Even the celebs can't stop getting happy! Come on ya'll.. don't deny.. you too have to feel the same heart palpitations as I do when you hear it!  Confession: I also love to do the Carlton when I hear this song. Don't judge.

8:57pm: The rose backdrop is stunning in all of it's grand splendor. Not sure if it's thoughtful decor to the overall theme, or just random.  Either way, it's on-trend with paper flower decor.  Very interesting to see paper florals start to take the place of traditional decor elements.

9:04pm: Uuuuhh…. Harrison Ford? Are you ok?  Upon hearing the Indiana Jones theme, we were excited to see you- but it seems like you have somewhere better to be.  Don't let us stop you and the forgettable Ally McBeal in making an exit.  Buh-bye.

9:11pm: Oh Kim Novak, lay off the muscle relaxers and botox.  Matthew McConaughey will more than likely ask to prescreen his presenting assignments in the future. #awkward

9:23pm: Congrats to Gravity for visual effects!  No sign of Clooney?  He was a no-show at the Globes too - what gives?

9:24pm: Uh- oh … teleprompter problems -- Harrison Ford, Sally Field, Kim Novak & Zak Efron… all have stumbled over their scripts.  Perhaps it's the Oscar signature cocktails being distributed this year?  Feel as loose as the guests  - you too can make the Penicillin and the Blood & Sand at home!

9:32pm:  Did Anders Walter just hock a loogie into the microphone?  Ew. Gross.

Zzzzzzzzzzzz… sorry….  have I mentioned that this is supposed to go for 3.5 hours?  Talk about a LONG run of show. No wonder Ellen wants to buy pizza for the audience.

9:56pm:   U2 never disappoints. Nothing special,  but it IS silky smooth.  No, I'm not just saying that because I have an Irish fiancé.  Also -- anyone else notice that they're saving Idina Menzel's "Let it Go" performance until the end?  Not surprising.  Drag it out Academy, because you know we're all waiting for it!

10:02pm: Aaaaaand, Ellen tries to dig herself out of her opening line hole by taking a SELFIE with Liza. #playnice

10:03pm: Wait, it gets better!  BEST SELFIE EVER!  Love Ellen - she gets all the best's in there for a star-studded twit-pic:  Jennifer Lawrence, Jared Leto, Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie, Julia Roberts, Meryl Streep, Bradley Cooper, Kevin Spacey, Lupita Nyong'O! So fun! UPDATE: In less than 30 minutes, Ellen's tweet broke the current RT record (Obama's: 778,801) and stomped all over it with a whopping 1.8million retweets… and oops… temporarily crashed Twitter for a bit.  THAT'S star power!

10:13pm: Lupita Nyong'O..sweet Lupita! Although so predictable, what a beautiful moment!  And then… with goosebumps… she exits to Willy Wonka's  "Pure Imagination", inspiring children (and the young at heart) to always dream big.  Because dreams are possible. **Fun Fact: Her dress was designed to mimic a flute of champagne and the color inspired by the blue sky's of her country.

10:23pm: The pizza skit is a bit… um… long. But now I'm hungry, do you think Domino's is open?

10:26pm: The rose backdrop is back… is it bigger? Yep… it's bigger (there are now two curtain layers). Still looks good.

10:29m: Did anyone know that the Academy assigns THEMES to each year's award show?  Yep, in fact, THIS year's theme has been dubbed:  "Heroes'.  2 hours in, I'm wondering - why include a theme if you don't pay tribute to it somehow?  Weird.

10:33pm: Wow, I spoke too soon!  Whoopie refers to "Heroes" in her monologue as she hikes up her skirt, pays homage to the Wicked Witch of the East (in her striped tights and ruby reds) - and intro's Judy Garlands children.

10:35pm:  Wow, AGAIN!  Pink gives major goosebumps in her glitzy, crimson gown in a breathless rendition of "Somewhere Over the Rainbow" to honor Judy Garland.  Full Disclosure: So glad she decided to curb the airborne acrobatics for this tribute.  Wow, wow, wow.

10:43pm:  **Warning** Mindless Celeb Gossip Question:  Hhmm.. Jennifer Garner sans Ben Affleck.  At the Academy Awards?  None of our business, but that would be one sad breakup.

10:53pm: In Memoriam - with its appropriately frosted effects -honors so many greats:  James Gandolfini, Paul Walker, Annette Funicello, Roger Ebert, Shirley Temple,  Eleanor Parker (Sound of Music), Philip Seymore Hoffman - just to name a (recognizable) few.

10:58pm: Bette Midler bookends the In Memoriam segment by making her FIRST Academy Awards appearance (ever!) and ironically sings "Wind Beneath My Wings" , tying in the heroes theme. (BTW: lookin' good at 70 Bette!)

11:08pm: Did John Travolta really just butcher her name?  Did he know the whole world was waiting up for this moment? UPDATE:  Check out the flub here - apparently her name is Adele Dazim?  Oh John, the hair dye must be soaking into your skull. #fail

11:09pm: It doesn't matter!!!!  Idina Menzel is killing it!!!

11:10pm: Still taking my breath away. Love, love, love.

11:11pm: FYI: See all the icy crystal? Yep…that's some 164,000 pieces of glittering Swarovski crystal, which took 22,000 man-hours to construct (thats 2.5 years)! We can just think of them as really big Sequence.. I mean… sequins.

11:17pm: The Lopez duo totally deserve the honor for best song (Let it Go- Frozen)! And their acceptance speech is super-friggin- cute!!!!   Guys, you didn't expect to win - or anything - did you?  We kid, we kid.

11:23pm: So, where did all that $$ go for pizza? If I added correctly it appears to be over $340… for three pies?  I don't recall L.A. being so darn expensive. #nycpizza4life

11:32pm: Can. Angie. Look. Any. More. Gorgeous?  **sigh**

11:44pm: Kate Blanchett is well deserving.  If you haven't seen Blue Jasmine - it's incredibly good.  Hits the deepest part of your soul - in ways that you didn't think you could feel for a character in a movie. Her acceptance speech is very witty - energetic, tasteful - yet sweet. Bravo.

11:49pm:  If Sequence did an Oscars pool, we would have swept.  Congrats to Matthew McConaughey - we called it 3 hours ago!!

11:52pm: Academy Awards Life Advice, courtesy of Wooderson:  "Have 3 things in life: Something you look up to, Something you look forward to, Something to chase."  Who / What are your three?

11:56pm:  I'm just now noticing the interesting onscreen graphics for the categories.  Unfortunate that it took me so long.

11:57pm: Brad Pitt?  I must be living under a rock.  Congrats 12 Years A Slave… need to put it into my Netflix queue.

That's a wrap folks, as melodies from award winning movies of the past cycle through the credits, that is my cue to head to bed! Until next year!  xo