My Middle Child

I have three kids. AJ, seven, is sharp, super competitive and hyper-focused.  Abby, four, is easy-going, imaginative and affectionate.  While AJ and Abby can both have their moments, my middle child is easily the most difficult.  Turning five in October, the middle one is unpredictable, incredibly demanding and continually responsible for copious amounts of lost sleep.

Sequence celebrates its fifth birthday next month, and the ride has been equal parts wild and rewarding.  Along the way there have been so many interesting experiences, but one that sticks out in particular is the unexpected commonalities between parenting and business ownership.  With Sequence's launch sandwiched in between the birth of two kids I essentially embarked on both journeys at the same time, and have found so many parallels between the two.  Like raising children, running a business requires tremendous time and significant patience.  They both tend to be on your mind 24/7/365, and typically require nothing short of your complete attention.  Like raising children, a business has its own identity — its own personality — from the onset, which is established at infancy and constantly evolves with your influence and guidance.  Like raising children, owning a business can be completely frustrating one minute and exceptionally rewarding the next.  When your child does something that makes you proud there is simply no better feeling in the world.  When your business achieves even the smallest measure of success, the feeling can be a close second.  In the fall of 2011 Abby’s birth was a couple of months away, and I remember thinking about what life was going to be like with two kids.  Little did I know the second was coming sooner than I thought, and I should’ve been preparing for life with three!

As I reflect on Sequence’s progression over the past five years, I am incredibly grateful to everyone who’s contributed to the company’s success.  From friends and family, to past employees, to key partners and clients, to our current incredible team. People say that raising kids takes a village, and in the case of Sequence truer words have never been spoken.

A few fun images from the fall of ’11.

Our first webpage. Not website. Webpage.

Our first office in assembly. It was, uh, intimate :)

What could have been...but thankfully is not.