Reflections as SEQ turns Six

We were producing an event last month and Blake Irving, CEO of GoDaddy was being recognized as CEO of the Year. Blake has run GoDaddy for the past five years, and though he’s retiring at the end of 2017 I’ve always admired his leadership style, priorities and values (you can find a good summary here). During his remarks he said something that was quite simple but really resonated with me as a business owner. “I am honored to receive this award,” Blake said, "but understand that CEO’s don’t build anything in a year.” Sequence turns six today and I couldn’t agree more with Blake’s view.

This week happened to be a particularly proud time for me, with Sequence being recognized as a Top 50 Event Company, and also having the opportunity to guest lecture on event management at my alma mater, Cornell. They were two milestones that meant a great deal to me personally and professionally, but neither transpired overnight (or even over the course of the past year). Similarly, Sequence’s success over the past six years has been a slow climb, driven by passion and commitment. Our MO has been to work hard, service our clients, treat our people right and stay true to our values. The formula hasn’t produced instant results, but it has produced results.

With October typically being the busiest month of our year, I always appreciate that Sequence’s birthday allows me to take a step back from the ensuing craziness and do some reflecting for a day. It’s been a wild ride filled with ups and downs, and the build continues.

PS - obligatory 2011 pic of our glamorous first office: