Sequence Superheroes: Uncovering the Secret Talents of Team SEQ



In every episode of one of my favorite TV shows as a kid, the 90s animated series, Captain Planet and the Planeteers, Captain Planet (an environmental superhero) is summoned when one of the intrepid Planeteers realizes that he or she is in a situation that cannot be resolved alone. Thus, by combining powers of all the Planeteers’ elemental strengths (“Fire! Wind! Water! Heart!” Followed by, “Go, Planet!”), the combined efforts of the team are stronger than its individual parts. A Superhero is borne.


Event planning is very similar. While we are not thwarting eco-villains, Team SEQ is made up of tremendously talented folks who come together to create events which none of us could execute alone. We seem to all possess special skills which may (or may not) be called upon in key moments.

I was curious to poll Team SEQ to learn more about their secret talents.  As I suspected, we are well equipped for a few surprising situations – ranging from potato sack races and snakes who might need charming to spontaneous karaoke and impromptu weddings.

SEQ STAFF – special skill/talent

LIZZ – Certified reverend and can perform a wedding ceremony on command

ADAM – In addition to being able to work in an office of (almost) all women, Adam’s special skill is knowing the lyrics to a lot of songs. His lyrical database is wide-ranging, though limited in the show tunes department.

ALLY – Ally’s special skills are both diverse and somewhat specific. “I am really great at online clothes shopping (I only have about a 10% return rate), taking 4,000 pictures of my dog when I’m at my parents house, pop culture trivia, and cooking without using a stove or oven. “

MIRELLA – In addition to her ability to combine seemingly unusual foods and make them delicious (grapes and salmon? In a salad? Come on!), Mirella is a whiz at figuring out any new software or applications on her computer/tablet/phone/etc.

DANA – Talented whistler

JOY – Has a double-jointed arm

LINDSAY – Spent several months studying abroad in India and happened to find a local to teach me snake charming.

SERGE – Encyclopedic movie trivia.

STEF – Could be a virtuosic team with Adam “lyrical database” Sloyer as Stef’s talents include jazz/musical theatre/pop/a cappella singing and quick memorization.

JESSICA – Excellent at potato sack races and fitting into small spaces

ERIN – Amazing at baking cobblers and performing a mean Salt n Peppa at karaoke.


“Until next time, Planeteers, the power is yours!”