SEQ turns 2! (and why we missed it)

Last week, Sequence turned two years old. Normally this would have been certain cause for immediate celebration but truthfully I don't think any of us remembered, and if we did happen to remember I'm quite sure that no one would have cared. We were busy prepping for three events this week, the last one finishing up today in NYC. In fact, since mid-September I don't think anyone on our team has remembered or cared about much outside of Sequence. That's because the past 5 1/2 weeks have seen us produce 10 events, for 10 different clients, in four cities on two continents. The past 5 1/2 weeks have seen us work with five corporate clients and five non-profit organizations on media events, award dinners, conventions, conferences, summits, galas and even a stair climb-a-thon. The past 5 1/2 weeks have been filled with creativity, execution, strategic planning and more details than anyone would ever want to know about. Most importantly, the past 5 1/2 weeks have come and gone with 10 very happy clients.

While I know Faye is probably working on a much more photogenic summary of our exploits, I just wanted to say how incredibly proud I am of our team. The immense amount of time, hard work and commitment that went into this most recent stretch is a feat in and of itself. But the ability to work with such a wide range of clients on such a variety of projects is a true testament to what an exceptionally talented group we have.

I don't know how many, or what type of events we'll be producing at this time next year, but wherever we are I sure hope it's with the same team.

Now it's time to figure out that celebration...