Spring Has Sprung In NYC!

Here in New York City, as soon as the windows for the Annual Macy's Flower Show are revealed   - you know spring has finally arrived. Beautiful yellow daffodils, purple hyacinth and pink tulips are generously planted throughout the city sidewalks and parks.  Bars and restaurants open their rooftops and terraces for happy hour, retail stores showcase bright color trends and launch tempting sales. With the sun at their backs, pedestrians find their smiles and it’s even accepted for the corporate world to take a brief break at a nearby park to shed that heavy coat and unload the pent up winter blues. Aaaaaah!  Nothing like the incoming breath of spring to lighten up the concrete jungle!

Although Team SEQ encourages year-long team-building, it's no secret that many companies take advantage of the long awaited warmer temperatures to boost office morale. We highly recommend taking your team for a fun outing at an outdoor terrace or a beautiful garden. Participate in a group activity where the sounds of birds chirping, the smell of local BBQ and the buzz of the city inspires laughter, tasty cocktails and good conversation. Warmer weather also means getting out from behind your desk and moving!

In fact, all of these elements provide the perfect atmosphere to host a really fun and interactive team building outing to boost that office morale and create more trusting, closer relationships between your employees.  Here at Sequence, we believe so strongly in this concept - we've developed NYC's next best thing! Introducing:

find & seq- The Ultimate Team Building Challenge

find & seq is a NEW and EXCITING, DIGITAL team building activity that relies on creativity, strategy, cohesion, and good old fashioned street smarts. By dividing your staff into teams - they will use their wits and wisdom as they race around Manhattan experiencing the sites, solving clues, and uncovering some of the city's hidden gems!  Sounds awesome, right? Contact me so that I can tell you more:
dana@sequence-events.com  |    646-336-6800 x101

While your convincing your boss or coworkers that this is the best idea ever (it won't take long to convince them - I promise!), we suggest you sweet-talk your coworkers into find & seq by treating them to drinks at these awesome after-work venues:

Bryant Park Grill








Empire Hotel : Rooftop Bar & Lounge





230 Fifth Rooftop & Garden











The Bowery Hotel Terrace