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One of Sports Business Journal's "Top 40 Under 40" weighs in on events

When you’re featured in Sports Business Journal’s “Top 40 under 40”, you know you’ve made it. I had the privilege of working with one of these sports business legends during my tenure at the NFL Players Association. As someone who’s helping shape events in a commonly male dominated industry, it[…]

Old habits die hard (and why that might not be a bad thing)

When we relocated the Sequence office a few years ago, we took the usual factors into consideration. There was the cost, the space, the lease terms, access to transit, general location convenience, etc. Team members had their priorities in different orders, but truth be told though I had a hidden[…]

Breaking into Events - Tips from the Pros

Last week I blogged about the constant influx of people seemingly interested in breaking into events, and offered up a few tips on how not to differentiate yourself from the masses. For suggestions on how to separate yourself from the pack I wised up and turned to the experts. Below are some highly[…]

Want to break into events? Start by breaking the mold.

If you’re looking for resources on how to run a successful business you can choose from the millions of available books, articles, classes, videos and lectures. Or if time is of the essence you can whittle it all down to three words: Find great people. Because as we all know, the key to any[…]

Why seeing the big picture in events is no small feat

Despite our constant drive for perfection, it would be nearly impossible to ever call an event truly “perfect.” In the minefield of event production, it’s less an issue of IF something unexpected will happen, but rather when and what will happen and its cumulative effect. So, how do we keep the[…]

The Only Ego In The Room

A few weeks ago Lizz was participating in an off-site meeting with a client, someone who both she and I work closely with. Our client half-jokingly wanted to know what happened when Lizz and I didn’t agree on something, and who ultimately prevailed. I’m sure the conversation ended with Lizz[…]

Three words that became hard to say*

Every couple of months my mother informs me of an overused word or phrase that she thinks should die a slow, painful death. It is what it is. Whatever. Honestly. This past weekend she added Iconic to her blacklist. Most of the time I can’t say I disagree, though I then have to figure out a way to[…]

Gifting Back...through organized events

The holidays have recently become a popular time for people to embrace their inner planner.  Whether a senior level event producer professionally or a senior level event producer socially, it seems that the moment we spot that first glimmer of foliage or flurries, the population embraces organized[…]

The Sequence Story

A few weeks ago Lizz and I met with a branding agency, and during the course of our conversation they asked us about the origins of the Sequence brand and our messaging. We tried to explain to them how much we (and Dana) struggled with our narrative when we launched. Part of that struggle was[…]

(Apparently) Winning isn't everything

Today's World Cup match between the US and Germany left me somewhat flummoxed (and not just because the conference room wifi matched with ESPN's overloaded live feed meant fuzzy or frozen picture for most of the game). How could a game where Team USA lost and didn't even score yield still-cheering[…]