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Three words that became hard to say*

Every couple of months my mother informs me of an overused word or phrase that she thinks should die a slow, painful death. It is what it is. Whatever. Honestly. This past weekend she added Iconic to her blacklist. Most of the time I can’t say I disagree, though I then have to figure out a way to[…]

Gifting Back...through organized events

The holidays have recently become a popular time for people to embrace their inner planner.  Whether a senior level event producer professionally or a senior level event producer socially, it seems that the moment we spot that first glimmer of foliage or flurries, the population embraces organized[…]

The Sequence Story

A few weeks ago Lizz and I met with a branding agency, and during the course of our conversation they asked us about the origins of the Sequence brand and our messaging. We tried to explain to them how much we (and Dana) struggled with our narrative when we launched. Part of that struggle was[…]

(Apparently) Winning isn't everything

Today's World Cup match between the US and Germany left me somewhat flummoxed (and not just because the conference room wifi matched with ESPN's overloaded live feed meant fuzzy or frozen picture for most of the game). How could a game where Team USA lost and didn't even score yield still-cheering[…]

There’s an App for That

In case you missed it, Forbes recently published its annual list of the world’s most stressful jobs, and once again the role of Event Coordinator falls in the Top 10. While we’re fairly sure there was an editorial mixup between the 5th and 9th spots, far be it from us here at Sequence to disagree[…]

Night at the Museum

Last night we had the opportunity to produce the 2014 Merit Awards Dinner for the Women’s Bond Club, over 800 guests coming together to recognize women’s achievements in finance. This is an event we’ve been producing for over a decade, and for the second consecutive year it took place at the[…]

Meet Ally Earnley

Ally Earnley joined Team SEQ as a Project Manager last month, and since she’s still alive to tell the tale we decided a little Q&A was in order. Ally’s got Massachusetts roots which we promised not to hold against her (unless she roots for the Bruins), and shares a strange love of an odd object[…]

Some 2014-Q1 Highlights from SEQ

It seems like just yesterday that we were ringing in the New Year, but somehow we're closer to summer than we are to Santa. Time continues to fly, but with a (brief!) moment to catch our breath we wanted to share some SEQ Q1 highlights.

Totally Terrific Toys

Here at Sequence, we love when our projects provide opportunities that share in our own personal interests - it makes the client connection that much more meaningful!  In the last month we've tapped into our inner-kid, between the awesome LEGO Movie Premiere and the illuminating 2014 Toy of the[…]

My step-brother’s newfound fame (and what that has to do with DVR’ing the Super Bowl)

“Holy Shit”. That was the subject of the email I received from my father on Friday morning. The message was a link to a YouTube video, a video that inexplicably showed my step-brother Ian starring in Bud Light’s primary Super Bowl advertisement. We had heard rumors that Ian was going to be[…]