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The Pope gave a TED Talk, and I saw it live!

Last night one of the centerpiece events of the TED2017 Conference took place in Vancouver, and for the first time TEDsters could buy a MUCH less expensive ticket to this TED Prize session and view live with an audience at their local movie theater. This  was most properly deemed the "TED Cinema[…]

The "Seriously?!-this-is-meant-for-me" Project

You guys, I’m going to be on TV!

The Red Dots of Distraction!!!

Is anyone else as distracted as I am by these alluring RED notifications on your apps?!

Happy (belated) birthday to us!

In the midst of a super busy month for Team SEQ, Sequence turned 5! If Sequence were a child it would be learning how to read and write, solving abstract problems, perhaps even riding a bike… aww. Oh, you're wondering what's on Sequence's birthday gift wish list?!?! (Thanks for asking)


Many of us remember the rise of the adorable Pikachu during high school (ok some of us during college, and some of us — gulp —during elementary school!), so it’s true when they say that everything comes back into style. This summer it’s not just the chunky platform sandal, but also those lovable[…]

The ROS Saga Continues . . .

SEQ blog loyalists will recall from the previous installment of our scintillating ROS drama, that our client picked:

In the Box

Meetings and Conventions did a spotlight on Sequence's Event Survival Kit. This kit had everything a planner needs to survive an event - a relaxing candle, a coffee gift card for a caffeine boost, and much more! Check out the video below!

Not So "Easy Street"

As adults, we tend to stick to what we know. Admittedly, it has been awhile since I’ve felt genuinely nervous about something. I consider myself mentally tough, and typically believe that I can do anything that I actually want to do. That was until in an attempt to show camaraderie in my husband’s[…]

Private Eye Planner

Editor’s Note:  If you were captivated by William and Kate’s NYC visit last week, and you are morally accepting of Legal Stalking, enjoy the read.  Otherwise, well, you’ve been forewarned.  Also, to our client readers…I wanted to reassure you that despite what’s written below, your events are in[…]

Gifting Back...through organized events

The holidays have recently become a popular time for people to embrace their inner planner.  Whether a senior level event producer professionally or a senior level event producer socially, it seems that the moment we spot that first glimmer of foliage or flurries, the population embraces organized[…]