Team SEQ Taste Test: Hummus Impossible

Some of you may know about the oft-exorbitant consumption of hummus at SEQ HQ. At any given time you would find no less than 5 variations of hummus in our fridge. This seemed like the perfect opportunity for a Team SEQ Taste Test, something we hadn't done since the Great Water Debate of 2012 (sadly, before we had a blog to document these mission-critical undertakings).

Since the modern hummus landscape is so vast, we decided to focus on only organic options for the sake of expediency. Below are the results, full dictation of comments (including details on texture, "lemony-ness", and spice quotient) available upon request.


Congratulations to Whole Foods for their store brand Original Hummus. This hit just the right note with the whole team! #HummusMissionAccomplished