The Rules of Engagement

The key to any successful event always starts with the same basic question: What does success look like?  While metrics for success vary based on the event and stakeholders, there’s one measure that’s a requirement.  In the world of events, engagement is king.  Regardless of why you’re gathering people or what action you’re looking to drive, you need attendees to be engaged to stand a chance.

Earlier this month Spotify debuted a simple new concept that quietly underscores the importance and impact of event engagement.  "Playlist Potluck", as it’s called, allows an event host to create a playlist (five songs max) and then turn it over to event-goers, who confirm their attendance by adding their own songs to the playlist.  Essentially it’s potluck dinner, but for music.  You can read more about it here.

So full disclosure on my part, I don’t work for Spotify but I probably should.  As a music enthusiast, Spotify is simply sensational and I find myself advocating for most every feature they roll out. Still though, this concept as it relates to events is pretty remarkable.  What better way to engage attendees at an event then to give them some form of creative control? Allowing guests an opportunity to influence a unique event element is clever in and of itself.  But to consider we’re talking about music — a fixture of almost every event in some capacity — makes it even more powerful.  Now take into account the fact that you’re engaging attendees pre-event as well as on-site, and the idea is somewhat ingenious!

Playlist Potluck certainly isn’t going to be for every event, and realistically it may never take off. Regardless of its shelf-life though, the concept is yet another indicator of the power of engagement, and how we should continue to push the envelope for the betterment of our events.

 - [Spotify] @adamsloyer