Tis' the Season... for STRESS!

The Holiday season has arrived and Team SEQ is not holding back! The last 10 weeks of back-to-back events around the globe are nearly over (we just can't stop talking about it) ...but as the holidays arrive and the next wave of clients are pounding on the door, we're reminded that the long days, longer nights, last minute changes and an ‘all hands on deck’ attitude is something not only reserved for our clients but for ourselves during one of those most joyous times of year!

Much like event planning - so is life planning as we do our best to juggle not only the day-to-day client needs but also the frenzied shopping trips (Throwing elbows just to survive the checkout), the dinner party planning (It's ok that you microwaved it - nobody will notice) , the in-law arrival (Smile! Just like the dentist- it will all be over soon), the school concert chaos (They're all so ear-splittingly cute!)  and the pressure to find the perfect gift for those that have everything (repeat after us: Gift Cards = Lazy).


So, with all the CRAZY - it got us thinking: How do we organize ourselves, implement some stress-busters and learn to switch off so that we can maintain sanity in the workplace while still enjoying the spirit of the season - WITHOUT the January hangover?

  • Ask for Help & Remind Yourself to Stay Focused! Scanning receipts for work, peeling potatoes for the holiday potluck and affixing stamps on holiday cards is not considered hero's work.  Ask someone to help so that it free's up your hands for more important tasks like finalizing your work proposal. Remember to focus on "today" by asking yourself constantly, "Is today a holiday?". If it's not, behave as you would in September.
  • Make your list, and check it twice!  Set your shopping budget (don't forget to include all the accessories - gift wrap, postage, food, etc) and organize your list by priority and recipient. Even with the expected surprises, do your best to keep to budget!  Take your checklist with you to help avoid temptations and set reminders with a handy app:  Try 2Do for your phone!
  • Shop when NOBODY else does: Do not try to multitask holiday to-do's with work to-do's during the day. The boss won't be too happy with the lack of productivity. Instead, take a midweek morning off (No cheating - don't check email!) and hit the shops without the rush.  Better yet, order what you can online and have it shipped direct.  Search for promo codes and online-only holiday sales: Click here to save yourself the headache!
  • Time is money, gift yourself a cleaning service:  We know, you THINK you can clean it all yourself. But trust us, it will all be worth it. Not only will you have the time to get ready and have a drink before guests arrive - but when your neat-freak friend swipes her white glove over the mantle and keeps her snarky comments to herself  - you can privately pat yourself on the back.  (Don't forget the throwaway plates and flatware - no dirty dishes!) Cheers!
  • Take Care of Yourself: Exercise more (not less) -even if it's just a walk around the block. Sleep more (not less) - even if it's just 30 minutes more a night. Massage those knots - even with just a tennis ball and hot compress. Watch what you eat and drink - the increase of sugary office snacks and overdoing the alcoholic beverages can slow you down before the enjoyable holiday moments you want to remember!
  • Clear your mind with a stress-busting distraction: Aside from work obligations and the nagging list of holiday to-do's, pick your zen activity to clear your mind.  Studies show that with a brief distraction - your brain resets for it's next task.

So how does Team SEQ loosen up? We asked everyone to name one unexpected thing that they do (that most people do NOT do) to destress & decompress - Can you match up the activity with our SEQ team member? Match up Adam, Dana, Lizz, Faye, Debbie, Maeghan and Mirella to their respective stress-free activities! (click for some fun surprises!)