Top Ten Reasons to Submit Your Event for an ISES Big Apple Award

The deadline to submit your event for a 2013 ISES Big Apple Award is around the corner.  If you happen to be looking for a good reason to enter, well you're in luck because here are 10.


10- If you win... you 'mail it, you blast it, you tweet it and you 'gram it.  You find the tallest building and the biggest megaphone and you make yourself an announcement.

9- If you lose...nobody finds out you submitted. NOBODY. Because you wanted to submit, but you were so busy that you just didn't get a chance.  Right?

8-  You are never winning a Dundie.  This is the next best thing.

7- The cost to submit is less than three Starbucks coffees. Seriously, I wish I was kidding.

6- It only takes ONE award (in ANY category) to call yourself 'award-winning'.  And how much better does 'award-winning' sound in front of anything?

5- The hardware would look great on your desk.  Or your boss's desk.  Or your boss's boss's desk.  Or your client's desk. Or your client's boss's desk.  You get it.  The point is that it would look great on a desk.

4- Enter the BizBash Event Style Awards and the submission write-ups become multi-purpose.  It's all about efficiency, folks.

3- There are 12 categories. 12 is a big number, so you've got options. Remember, it only takes one.

2- True, award winners don't get to make acceptance remarks from the stage. But the good news is that there are no rules against blowing kisses to the crowd, taking a bow, fist pumps or on-stage somersaults. In fact, here are some more ideas for you.

1- You can't win if you don't enter.  End of story. So enter and give yourself a shot.

To submit your event for a 2014 Big Apple Award, click here.  The deadline to enter is Friday, May 9th.