Want to break into events? Start by breaking the mold.

If you’re looking for resources on how to run a successful business you can choose from the millions of available books, articles, classes, videos and lectures. Or if time is of the essence you can whittle it all down to three words: Find great people. Because as we all know, the key to any well-run organization lies with the people who make it go.

Every business is tasked with this same (never ending) exercise, an assignment that’s not easy for anyone. For the events industry though, our greatest advantage to acquiring talent is also our biggest challenge. Simply put, there are an inordinate number of people who think they want to get into events. The key word there is ’think’, as the general misconception about what people think the events industry is and what it actually is can be staggering. For anyone looking to break into events, the first question they’re most likely to be asked is "Why?”. From there it tends to get repetitive.

'I want to get into events because I attended [Insert Event Name Here] and saw how it all came together, and just knew this business was for me.' I can assure you of one thing. If you attended an event as a guest, you saw nothing about how it came together. Walking the red carpet and re-laying the carpet in Floorplan.docxV-22 are worlds apart.

I’m incredibly detail oriented, personable, and I love to see things through.’ All great qualities for aspiring event professionals. Or kindergarten teachers. Or air traffic controllers. Or veterinarians.

I recently planned my wedding and it went off without a hitch! I’ve got a knack for events!’ Yes you do. You’ll make a fantastic client.

The truth is I’m not discounting anyone with those kinds of responses, but they're not telling me what I need to know either. For someone that’s looking to break into a new industry — any new industry — an employer needs to know that you truly understand what you’re jumping in to. The role, the responsibilities, the organization and the culture. In events, where interest is great and misperception is prevalant, the understanding becomes even more critical.

So how do you prove that you’re serious about breaking into events? Break the mold. Tips coming from the pros — next week.

Adam Sloyer is a managing director and founder of Sequence, an events agency specializing in production, strategic planning and design. A long time ago he successfully broke into the events industry, and over the past decade he has interviewed approximately 647,934 people looking to get into the events biz as well.