Why life is Awesome. (Even when it’s not.)

As I sit on my couch tonight at 10PM, there is one thought and one thought only that crosses my mind: I made it. I’m sure most people can relate, today was one of those days that just could not end soon enough. Like a perfect storm, I had bad news coming at me from all directions in all parts of life, feeling a little too conspiratory for my taste. From early this morning until right about now it was clear that the best thing I had going for me was tomorrow.

The good news though, is that there's a treatment for this kind of day. The remedy comes in the form of a 17-minute TED Talk given by Neil Pasricha, and the basic premise is this: Life is Awesome. There are thousands of things in life that make it awesome, and even though some days you need to look a little harder to find them, rest assured that they’re always there.

PS - thanks to Debbie for the Ted Talk rec.