You have gotta be #kitten me!

Social media has always been a divisive topic at Sequence. On the one hand it’s a great form of free marketing, and these days it’s somewhat of a requirement that your business joins the conversation (especially if your business happens to be communications). On the other hand, as a boutique agency with limited staff, time and resources, there’s only so much engagement you can devote when ROI is more or less unmeasurable.

So we strategize on the social media puzzle often. Who should post? On what channels? How frequently? With what content? And most importantly, what’s going to resonate?

These days the channel of choice seems to be Instagram, which lends itself quite well to our line of work. Our pictures are the usual: interesting venues, sources of inspiration, office antics, and of course our events. We try to post 4-5 times a week, and we usually pick up between 15-30 likes per post. A steady amount of work and commitment on our end has netted some minor progress.

Yesterday though, everything changed.

It started when Lindsay came into the office with a new manicure — with kittens on her nails. (I'm sure I'm not doing that description justice, but I'm way out of my jurisdiction.) So naturally this needed to be posted to the Sequence Instagram, and that post led to this result:



That’s right. 145 LIKES! That’s TRIPLE the amount of likes that any of our other posts have ever received! If you would have told me yesterday that our next Instagram post would shatter the Sequence IG engagement record, I wouldn’t have asked any questions. But now knowing that the picture was of nails and kittens, I’ve found myself asking a lot of questions.

So now the bar has been raised, and the game is on. I can not run a business where our social media efforts are highlighted by ’These nails are purrfect!’. I’ve come too far and there’s too much (pride) on the line. One day I can only hope that nails and kittens are a blip on the radar. Until then though, the puzzle remains unsolved.