Brand Crush: BÉIS

Here at SEQ, we’re always impressed by newbie brands that think outside the box. That’s why this summer, we’ve got a brand crush on BÉIS, the five-year-old travel accessories brand co-founded by actress and entrepreneur Shay Mitchell.

BÉIS launched in 2018 and recently surpassed $120 million in profitable gross revenue—and it all started when Mitchell, a former Pretty Little Liars star, was looking for luggage that was functional and affordable but also stylish and chic. The brand is now ubiquitous on social media, with clever Instagram and TikTok posts that appeal to its audience of primarily women millennials.

Here are five reasons we’re crushing on BÉIS right now.

1. They care about sustainability.

How cool is this: BÉIS has an entire line called The Recycled Collection that has items like tote bags, backpacks, and cosmetics organizers—all made from recycled plastic water bottles! You’d never know it from looking at the chic collection. The team has also written blog posts about how to be a more eco-conscious traveler, with tangible tips like packing toiletries in mesh pouches rather than plastic bags.  

2. They know how to think on their feet.

When COVID brought the travel industry to a halt, the BÉIS crew quickly pulled off the all-important pivot by pulling ads that focused on plane travel and repurposing that money to position the brand as a more versatile, “on-the-go” accessories company. They also scaled-back products that were more plane-focused, like roller bags, and leaned into smaller pieces that work well in cars and for staycations. 

The changes actually resulted in increased sales during the pandemic, according to a 2021 Forbes article! At SEQ, we’ve long believed that every challenge is a new opportunity to be successful—and like all good event folks, are always ready to adjust and problem solve. Hat’s off to you, team BÉIS!  

3. They appreciate the power of social media.

As a direct-to-consumer brand, BÉIS leans heavily on social media. In 2019, for example, Mitchell noted that Instagram was responsible for 80% of their e-commerce traffic. More recently, the brand has been making a splash on TikTok, regularly drawing hundreds of thousands of views through clever videos. Many feature Mitchell herself, plus clever sounds and trends that speak to its audience of mainly women millennials. 

At SEQ, we’re always looking for out-of-the-box ways to connect with our audience and put ourselves in their shoes when creating an experience. After all, we could have the coolest idea in the world, but if it doesn’t land with the target audience it won’t have the impact we’re seeking! So we appreciate BÉIS’s creative thinking here.

4. They love Barbie as much as we do!

BÉIS recently launched a collection of bright-pink bags tying into the summer’s hottest movie. As a company who has produced the Toy of the Year Awards for almost two decades—and works on many other events related to women’s causes—SEQ can definitely get on board with that kind of girl power! Plus, this level of attention to current trends and events is always a great way to make a brand more relevant and timeless. 

5. They understand the power of events.

Obviously, this one is close to our heart here at SEQ, where we love a thoughtfully brand-focused and strategic brand activation. BÉIS hosted its first-ever brick-and-mortar experience in 2022 in Los Angeles, where the team opened a retro motel-inspired pop-up—complete with a “pool” photo op made from vinyl, custom magazines promoting the brand, products displayed on luggage carts, and a faux elevator photo op complete with sound effects and an interactive AR filter.

They built on the concept this summer, evolving it into a luxury hotel-inspired space with a lobby and check-in desk, an elevator, a guest room, and an outdoor terrace, all featuring shoppable BÉIS luggage integrated in natural but stylish ways. A fun twist? The exterior of the building was painted to look like a piece of BÉIS luggage, complete with a handle on top!

We love when brands dip their toes into the power of experiential—and even more so when they appreciate it enough to build on the concept in future years. The BÉIS pop-ups showcase the kind of Easter egg moments, photo opps, and creative thinking we specialize in here at SEQ.

Hey BÉIS, let’s connect. We’d love to work with you!