COVID-19: Virtual Events, Keeping Events Moving and Maintaining Non-Profit Engagements

We’ve addressed a number of emerging event trends in our most recent newsletters, but no trend is currently more prevalent than virtual events.  Many planners and marketers are looking to online events to fill the live void, and there is no shortage of technology platforms to choose from. As you[…]

Events and Covid-19: Trends, Smart Tech Solutions and Charitable Company Pivots

Two weeks ago we touched on COVID-19 and some tips for managing your events.  With so much changing so frequently we wanted to share some additional thoughts and ideas on what we’re currently seeing within the industry.

Why the events industry will be back -- and stronger than ever.

Events are a nice to have, not a need to have.  I’ve been in the events industry for almost 20 years and that declaration has followed me wherever I’ve gone.  Colleagues, peers and clients have all said it to me, and in turn I have said it to colleagues, peers and clients.  In some ways, of course,[…]

Repurposing Materials from your Cancelled Event(s)

The past few weeks have seen a number of last minute event cancellations and postponements, with many more to follow.  While there’s been a good deal of talk around force majeure, attendee communication and event logistics, waste and sustainability aren’t always at the forefront of conversation.[…]

Daily COVID-19 and the events industry: what you need to know

With the rapid news and development surrounding COVID-19, Sequence is working diligently to keep ourselves and our clients educated on all things event-related.  With so much content being circulated online, we thought we could help the events community by sharing a daily list of links and[…]

Tips for Managing Your Events and COVID-19

While the Coronavirus outbreak continues to have a significant impact across all sectors of business, few have been more greatly affected than the live events industry. As we work with our clients to navigate strategies and solutions during this complicated time, we wanted to share some practical[…]

3 Ways We Elevated the FFA’s Annual Global Conference

When long-standing client the Fund Finance Association decided last year to relocate their annual Q1 conference from New York to Miami we certainly weren’t going to object. Apparently they decided that snowstorms should no longer be on the conference agenda, and we wholeheartedly agreed. The move[…]

Brand Crush: Warby Parker

If you’ve read our other brand crush blogs, you know we’re suckers for brands with a unique style and voice backed by a charitable mission. This month we are highlighting the reasonably-priced designer eyewear brand, Warby Parker. The founders of Warby Parker were students at Wharton School of[…]

5 Ways to Elevate Your Conference With Experiential

When working with our clients on both one-off and annual conferences, the goal is always the same: keep the creative fresh and engaging. To make this happen, Sequence’s experiential-minded team is constantly researching, brainstorming and experimenting to make sure we’re ahead of the curve on the[…]

5 Ways to Elevate Your Non-Profit Gala’s Program

When working with organizations to produce annual galas, the greatest accomplishment usually leads to the most sizable challenge: How do we make next year’s event even better?! This directive can manifest itself in a variety of ways, but the most common is usually through the stage program. For[…]