Nomination Qualifications for Sequence's Free Anti-Racism Event Production Services

There are live events happening all around us this week, but they’re not the ones we’re used to (and we don’t mean virtual). There are so many amazing causes and organizations out there that need help. 

Creating a Run of Show for Virtual Events

Any great production starts with a great run of show (or “ROS” as the cool kids call it). This is the minute-by-minute plan for what is happening during any type of show: what is the timing, who is involved, what we are seeing, what we are hearing, what movements or transitions are taking place,[…]

Sequence Partners with Event Leadership Institute on Non-Profit Leadership Roundtable

The Event Leadership Institute has convened a select number of senior leaders from non-profit organizations across the US and Canada to discuss the challenges and solutions amid the disruption caused by COVID-19. Sequence CEO Adam Sloyer was asked to moderate the weekly leadership council and so[…]

Maintaining Production Value for Virtual Events

In this first wave of virtual events, something we have seen time and time again is sub-par production value. Yes we are at home, but it is definitely still possible to maintain a level of professionalism and quality standards in these virtual experiences. We are working with clients on[…]

Tips for Maintaining Non-Profit Engagement on Virtual Events

At Sequence, we have a special place in our heart for our non-profit clients and their variety of invaluable causes.  While the events industry has been hit hard by the devastating effects of the COVID-19 crisis, few have suffered like those in the non-profit realm. Events each have their own[…]

SEQ Reviews: Create & Cultivate #MoneyMoves Conference

Last weekend, like so many other conference nerds and entrepreneurs, we were giddy with excitement to attend Create & Cultivate’s first Virtual Conference “Money Moves.” Having already set the bar for the live IG-celebrity, millennial-chic experiential conference going experience, expectations for[…]

What the Last-Minute Shoptalk Virtual Postponement Reinforces about Virtual Events

Today we — like many in the brand & consumer tech orbit — woke up excited to attend what we thought would be a ground-breaking revolutionary virtual event experience put on by the pros at Shoptalk - the premiere event for retail, brand & consumer tech. 

The value of Sponsorship for Virtual Events

We’re seeing the wheel starting to turn as more and more organizations wrap their heads around virtual events as a solution to keep things moving now. As we’ve been coaching our clients on their virtual event needs we have heard a number of them voice concern over retaining a sponsor who had signed[…]

Pre-Covid Successful Social Media Fundraising Challenges

20 years ago, non-profit organizations relied entirely on traditional galas and grassroots efforts to hit annual goals and get their messages out to the masses. These were the days of knocking on doors, mailers and emotionally rousing telethons.

5 Ways Team SEQ is Helping clients switch to virtual

Designing and producing virtual events has become a necessity — often in short order.  We’re fortunate that many of the services we have always provided to our clients are still the foundation for a successful virtual experience. Whether it’s sourcing the right technological solution, understanding[…]