Live, Hybrid, and Outdoor Event Forecast

Event-related COVID-19 restrictions continue to evolve almost daily, but don’t worry, Sequence is here to help! As a global events agency, we are keeping an eye on the latest updates on indoor gatherings and event guidelines and want to share updates from three major cities with you today. You’ll[…]

Diversity Scholarship Initiative

At Sequence, we understand that diversity is crucial for a successful and vibrant events industry (the more unique points of view in the mix, the better!). While the current landscape is more challenging in our industry today than ever before, we know that the barriers for BIPOC (Black, Indigenous,[…]

Difference & Diversity at the Super Bowl

Super Bowl LV aired this past Sunday and it looked vastly different from years prior. The attendance, halftime performance, and crew took on a new form this year, just to name a few. Here are our main takeaways from Sunday’s production:

The Silver Lining of Virtual

While most event producers would say without pause that they prefer live events to virtual, there are some of us who have embraced this pandemic as a period of learning and honing creativity within a format that is likely a staple of our industry from here on out. It’s not just about going through[…]

Where to Host Your Next Virtual Event

One of our most frequently asked questions is about the best platform to host a virtual event. The short answer is that there is no one-size-fits-all solution. Sometimes a formal event platform is the best solution, other times we look to an event landing page. These two options differ in a few key[…]

Memorable Moments from the 2021 Inauguration

As event pros, we can certainly imagine the massive undertaking that designing and producing an event so central to a nation’s history and which illustrates democracy itself must be. While this week’s inauguration was unique for a number of reasons, it stayed true to its legacy with visual and[…]

Brand Crush: Peloton

There’s no doubt about it, 2020 challenged brands in so many ways. Navigating the pandemic while staying “on brand” was uncharted territory. For some brands, it was a natural extension of their existing messaging and goals which poised them for success. For others, the path forward was not nearly[…]

Three Event Predictions for 2021

2020 required event pros to reimagine how experiences are created, both in concept and execution. Many embraced the world of virtual events as an alternative to live, and some held off with the hope that the coming year would bring back ‘business as usual’ sooner than later.

Three Reflections Heading Into 2021

As the year finally draws to a close, the only issue we'd take with a three-month Caribbean vacation is that it wouldn’t be nearly long enough. As it turns out, a business whose purpose is bringing people together set against a global pandemic that prevents people from being brought together makes[…]

Effectively Fundraising in Virtual

Back in April, Forbes Magazine highlighted the initial scramble many nonprofits were facing due to COVID canceling live events. Nonprofit organizations had two options: shift their events to virtual or put them on hold. While many forged ahead into the new virtual world, a vital question loomed:[…]