The Many Options for Capturing Video Content

As we discussed in our posts about the pros & cons of pre-recording and live streaming, we want to delve more into the various options for pre-recording video content for a virtual or hybrid event as well. Also, a reminder that pre-recording and live streaming don’t have to be mutually exclusive![…]

Halloween Goes On: How Brands are Activating in the Midst of a Pandemic

With a team full of kids-at-heart, we’ve been thrilled to see that not even a global pandemic can get in the way of some creative brands activating Halloween experiences. Here are five ideas that we found to be particularly sweet and spooky!

How #TeamSEQ Brought Brooklyn Bridge Park Conservancy's First Hybrid Gala to Life

The emerging possibility in various markets to create safe hybrid events — events which combine both in-person and virtual elements — has allowed us to strategize with our clients as we redefine what “hybrid” means today and potentially for tomorrow. The most recent example is one of our favorite[…]

Tips from #TeamSEQ Technical Production

As Team SEQ continues to run at full speed with virtual events, we can see that our clients and audiences have entered into a new phase of familiarity with them as well. Whereas in March everyone was gobsmacked, April and May the brave were experimenting, June through August everyone was getting on[…]

Virtual Experiential Events: Impressive Examples and Industry Trends

As attendees continue to embrace virtual events, we as Event Producers continue to refine and reformulate how to push the envelope and make an impact. The move to virtual events has allowed so many brands to show off their creativity, particularly in the realm of experiential events. 

Our Love for Live Events

About six months ago, when the reality of the long-term pandemic set in for us, we made the decision at Sequence to fully embrace virtual events. Much of our live event experience was rooted in technical production, and so we were fortunate to have a roadmap to success through virtual. The[…]

10 Rules for a Successful Virtual Event

Editor’s Note: This article was originally featured by BizBash on September 2, 2020. A link to that story can be found here.    While we all eagerly await a return to in-person events, it’s safe to say that virtual events are here for the long haul. As more organizations and brands accept and[…]

Virtual Platforms vs. Event Venues

In the process of designing and conceptualizing virtual events, we have likened the tech platform to the live event venue. In some ways the two do have quite a bit in common, but there are also some very notable differences. Here’s a look at what makes them comparable and distinct:

Takeaways from Night 2 of the DNC

Political Conventions have always been a mix of pomp & circumstance, moving messaging and a kickoff to the heated 3-month battle that lies ahead. This year, for many reasons (as you all know too well), things are very different. Last night, long after the workday was done, the Team SEQ general[…]

State of Events in 2020 & 2021: What Sequence is Seeing & Hearing

With the extended uncertainty surrounding in-person events, we continue to be asked frequently about what we’re seeing and hearing in the events landscape. Here are a few big-picture observations on the events horizon from our perspective: