5 Essential Traits of a Great Vendor Partner

Looking for the secret ingredient to a flawless event? Remember: It's not just about what guests actually see—it's also about who's behind the scenes.

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What Makes a Good Networking Event?

Getting the right people in the right room is a major component of hosting a successful event. But it’s also only half of the battle. Once they’re there, how do you ensure they get the most out of their experience—and help facilitate those serendipitous interactions that make live events so magical?

8 Must-Have Moments at a Sales Kick-Off Event

A sales kick-off (SKO) event is a prime chance for companies to fire up their sales teams, set the tone for the year, and get everyone on the same page. This is especially crucial in an increasingly remote-first world, when teams are scattered around the country or even the world.

15 Quick Tips for Producing an Effective Nonprofit Event

Nonprofit events—from galas and fundraisers to conferences, summits, and employee engagement initiatives—serve as crucial platforms for advancing an organization’s mission, engaging with the community, and generating essential funding.

Best Practices for Working With an External Event Team

We always encourage new clients to view us as members of their own teams — ones who just so happen to bring event-specific expertise, a fresh perspective, and a commitment to making their lives easier.

7 Must-Read Tips for Employee Engagement Events

The Power of Small Events

After months of meticulous planning, it can be tempting to get as many eyes on your hard work as possible. But when it comes to events, is bigger always better?

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Reddit’s “Explorers Club” at Cannes Lions 2022

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