We've Got a Brand Crush on Glossier

There are so many aspects of the Glossier brand that make them crushable: their beautiful website, powerful young female CEO, their “exactly what I was looking for” products, and one of the most cohesive insta-feeds out there, just to name a few! But we just have to focus on the element that spoke[…]

A Sequence Summer Internship

During the first week of my internship at Sequence, I was sleeping on the floor of my cousin’s apartment. I mention this because I think feeling like a visitor really sums up most internship experiences. When only working at a company for three months, it’s easy to convince yourself that you’re a[…]

The Missing Ingredient in Team Success

Editor’s Note: This blog is about one of our employees, and it may or may not embarrass her. Apologies in advance, Carolyn.

How Team SEQ Handled a Surprise Day 3 of the Jennifer Lopez Concert at Madison Square Garden


5 Tips for Planning Events Internationally

We’ve Got a Brand Crush on Cha Cha Matcha


5 Tips for Guiding Your Event Guests

At the foundation of all memorable event experiences are the usual suspects: what guests see, feel, hear and taste. What often gets overlooked is the critical science of how guests move through the event experience. Whether it’s the arrival moment, ensuring guests explore all your event has to[…]

5 Tips for Creating the Perfect Lighting Look

Lighting is the icing on your proverbial event cake. It can change the entire experience, look, and vibe of an event. You can spend all the money in the world on an entrance, backdrop, or other décor piece but if people can’t actually see it pop it will fall flat. Our SEQ Production Team spends a[…]


As Event Designers & Producers, we often deep-dive into a brand so we can bring it to life via a live experience. We love getting to know brands and using what we learn to think creatively and strategically around their goals — it’s our happy place!  When we began working with Klarna in early 2018[…]

The 2019 Oscars: No Host is the Most

Image: Valerie Macon/AFP/Getty Images Last Monday morning our very own Liz Carroll gave the 2019 Oscars an “A” grade in BizBash’s roundup, applauding the results of the show going hostless for the first time in thirty years. Liz’s commentary inspired us to dig deeper into the topic and weigh in on[…]