Food & Beverage Experts Weigh In On What To Expect For In-Person Events

With the recent progress in the US and easing of restrictions on in-person events, many of our clients are eager to safely move forward and bring back a focus on exceptional food service, using culinary experiences to surprise and delight in-person audiences. 

How Team SEQ Kept The Wall Street Journal's Drive-In Event Safe & Fun

With the CDC’s recently updated guidance and easing of restrictions for those who have been vaccinated, event pros across the country are finally feeling a sense of optimism around in-person experiences. While we’re excited about the newest developments and positive trend, Covid safety is still at[…]

Creating A Visual Identity For Any Event Format

Many of you already know that graphic & experiential event design are some of our core services. Whether your event is virtual, hybrid, or live, Team SEQ approaches all visual elements with a deep understanding of your brand, your goals, and your event’s overall vibe. From guest communications to[…]

We’ve Got A Brand Crush On Canva!

If you use social media (is there anyone left who doesn’t?!) but aren’t a graphic designer, then you’ve probably already heard of Canva. Their easy-to-use templates for various social media platforms are a dream — but there’s more to love than that! We’re breaking down all the reasons why Team SEQ[…]

Three Lessons from Virtual We’re Taking Back to Hybrid & Live

At Sequence, we love the hustle and bustle of in-person events, and that will never change. Our entire team is ready to turn the page on a fully-virtual, fully-remote event calendar and look to hybrid and live coming back safely. That said, the past year has given us an invaluable opportunity to[…]

The Only Thing Better Than SWAG is Sustainable SWAG

As an enhancement to virtual and hybrid events (and an IRL touchstone) we have been creating more and more robust swag options these days. We’re not just talking about any kind of swag, but ethical, eco-friendly swag to boot! In the early days of COVID mailing anything to event attendees felt off,[…]

Five Considerations For A COVID-Safe Event

As we finally (!) begin to re-engage with clients and partners on in-person experiences, the priority on everyone’s list is of course COVID-safety. Navigating the road ahead presents quite a bit to consider, so we wanted to share five considerations that are currently helping to guide our planning[…]

What To Consider When Planning Hybrid, Summer Events

As event restrictions start to lift across parts of the country, many people are wondering how to plan the best event for their audience this summer. If you are curious about planning a live outdoor, or indoor/hybrid summer event, we’ve got you covered!

Team SEQ’s Five Thoughts On The Grammys

Award show season continued this past Sunday with music’s biggest night, The 2021 Grammys. We have all missed seeing our favorite performers (or ANY performer!) singing their best songs of the year on a live stage. The Grammys rarely disappoint, but we were certainly curious how they would approach[…]

Celebrating Women & Our Clients Who Support Them

Last night Sequence produced the Center for Reproductive Rights third annual Los Angeles benefit. The event could not have been more timely. Right in the middle of Women’s History Month and a few short days after International Women’s Day, the Center for Reproductive Rights’ [CRR] annual gala[…]