10 Rules for a Successful Virtual Event

Editor’s Note: This article was originally featured by BizBash on September 2, 2020. A link to that story can be found here.    While we all eagerly await a return to in-person events, it’s safe to say that virtual events are here for the long haul. As more organizations and brands accept and[…]

Virtual Platforms vs. Event Venues

In the process of designing and conceptualizing virtual events, we have likened the tech platform to the live event venue. In some ways the two do have quite a bit in common, but there are also some very notable differences. Here’s a look at what makes them comparable and distinct:

Takeaways from Night 2 of the DNC

Political Conventions have always been a mix of pomp & circumstance, moving messaging and a kickoff to the heated 3-month battle that lies ahead. This year, for many reasons (as you all know too well), things are very different. Last night, long after the workday was done, the Team SEQ general[…]

State of Events in 2020 & 2021: What Sequence is Seeing & Hearing

With the extended uncertainty surrounding in-person events, we continue to be asked frequently about what we’re seeing and hearing in the events landscape. Here are a few big-picture observations on the events horizon from our perspective:

Catching Up With POPSUGAR on the Landscape of Virtual Events

Amidst the challenges and constraints imposed on the events industry by COVID-19, we've been consistently impressed by the innovation and creativity of event marketing leaders. Sequence has had the good fortune to partner with Group Nine Media and POPSUGAR in the virtual event space, and Lindsay[…]

The Pros & Cons of Pre-Recording Virtual Events

We know everyone has been on the edge of their seats since last week’s first installment of pros & cons related to going live with content on a virtual event! As promised, here is a similar  rundown of pre-recording for virtual. As always, we would be happy to delve into this more during a Free 30[…]

The Pros & Cons of Live Streaming Virtual Events

In our many conversations with new and existing clients around virtual, one of the most frequent questions we have heard is about the approach to capturing and sharing content. Should they go out live or should they pre-record their program? The short answer is, there is no short answer :) The[…]

Managing Speakers in Virtual Events

When producing in-person experiences it’s not uncommon to have minimal interaction with speakers leading up to an event. There may or may not be advance communication on a script or talking points, we’ll occasionally have a pre-production call, and oftentimes only a brief  soundcheck pre-event (how[…]

How Sequence Got It Right with Advisen

As many of you know, one of the things that sets Sequence apart from other agencies is the wide-range of projects we produce for a variety of corporate and nonprofit clients. This approach not only keeps things interesting for us, but it allows us to blend elements from one type of event to another[…]

Events this Fall: What to Do?

While most of the country and many consumer-facing businesses are in various stages of re-opening, the event industry remains in limbo. In particular planning for the Fall has become most precarious, as organizations look to straddle the legal, safety and optical factors of in-person events. The[…]