SEQ Sips: The Summer Tropical Trend Report

Summer is already half way through and we are no strangers to the latest summer trend sweeping NYC— Tropical Outdoor Getaways!  Of course relaxing, tropical settings are not what you think of when pondering where to get your next drink in the concrete jungle.  However, clever bar owners are[…]

Reviewing Bruce on Broadway

Bruce Springsteen’s self-titled Springsteen on Broadway opened this past October at the 975-seat Walter Kerr Theater and quickly became one of the hottest tickets on the Great White Way. Billed as “an intimate night with Bruce, his guitar, a piano, and his stories,” The Boss received a Special Tony[…]

A First for Everything: Producing the First-Ever Private Reception at the Oculus World Trade Center

In almost any other venue, a two-hour cocktail reception for 300 people wouldn’t warrant the batting of an eye. However when you situate that reception in the center of New York City’s newest public transportation hub, things get tricky.  Add in the tail-end of rush hour and the fact that it was[…]

5 Ways to Add Branding to Events Without Breaking the Bank

Excitement is high. Imagination is the only limitation. It’s an event producer’s utopia, otherwise known as branding on a big budget. In a stunning revelation, having lots of money to spend on an event is fantastic. Often times though, more cash isn’t in the cards. This might mean you need to[…]

Classic brands go the insta-route

Taking a page from the Museum of Ice Cream playbook, a few classic brands brought a modern twist to their promotions for the 2017 Holiday season. Will these social-media-centric exhibits and pop-ups change your perceptions?

Reflections as SEQ turns Six

We were producing an event last month and Blake Irving, CEO of GoDaddy was being recognized as CEO of the Year. Blake has run GoDaddy for the past five years, and though he’s retiring at the end of 2017 I’ve always admired his leadership style, priorities and values (you can find a good summary[…]

5 Ways to Create a Celebration Where Everyone Wins

Every year your office holiday party probably checks the same boxes: drinks (check), food (check), entertainment (check).

Diner En Blanc: A Great Party We Didn’t Plan

Courtesy of Sai Mokhtari/Gothamist

5 Insta-worthy Cocktails to Stave Off the End-of-Summer Blues

We’re pretty sure we blinked and the summer sped by. Soon our Instagram feeds will give way from #poolsidebeverages to #hottoddyorbust. The only thing keeping us from despair over the fleeting summer is the promise of these Insta-worthy winter cocktails:

The Evolution of the Wow Moment

As someone who takes an interest in both words and marketing, I’ve always been somewhat fascinated by eponyms.  After all, there’s probably no greater marketing feat than a company that's able to turn its brand name into a common language verb or noun.   Before anyone could ever xerox a document,[…]