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Future Forecast: 7 Event Industry Predictions for 2024

As we say goodbye to another year, it feels like we’re on the cusp of something really exciting in the event world—this intersection of innovation and tradition, where emerging technologies and timeless human connections are converging to redefine our industry. But in this ever-changing landscape,[…]

7 Observations on Virtual Meetings from the Attendee’s POV

We’ve all been in A LOT of virtual meetings and webinars the last few weeks, both big and small. We’ve experienced some awkward moments and probably had some technical difficulties. Here are a few things we have observed from the participant’s POV which can hopefully help us all make these[…]

Brand Crush: Think Rosie

Scrolling through my instagram feed, I tend to rapidly click through stories to see if anything catches my eye. While looking at a favorite biz mama feed @HeyMamaCo recently I saw a beautiful simple graphic that happened to contain one word: the name of my daughter, Rosie.