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7 Observations on Virtual Meetings from the Attendee’s POV

We’ve all been in A LOT of virtual meetings and webinars the last few weeks, both big and small. We’ve experienced some awkward moments and probably had some technical difficulties. Here are a few things we have observed from the participant’s POV which can hopefully help us all make these[…]

Brand Crush: Think Rosie

  Scrolling through my instagram feed, I tend to rapidly click through stories to see if anything catches my eye. While looking at a favorite biz mama feed @HeyMamaCo recently I saw a beautiful simple graphic that happened to contain one word: the name of my daughter, Rosie.

Classic brands go the insta-route

Taking a page from the Museum of Ice Cream playbook, a few classic brands brought a modern twist to their promotions for the 2017 Holiday season. Will these social-media-centric exhibits and pop-ups change your perceptions?

Brand USA

As an agency we work with a variety of brands and are uniquely situated ourselves on the services side of the hospitality industry.

Hospitality vs. Procedure

I think most of us have heard about this situation earlier this month with United Airlines? In short, a man was forcefully removed from his seat on an over-booked airplane. Fingers were pointed in all directions assigning blame and fault, but in the weeks since the airline has been doing some[…]

The Pope gave a TED Talk, and I saw it live!

Last night one of the centerpiece events of the TED2017 Conference took place in Vancouver, and for the first time TEDsters could buy a MUCH less expensive ticket to this TED Prize session and view live with an audience at their local movie theater. This  was most properly deemed the "TED Cinema[…]

The "Seriously?!-this-is-meant-for-me" Project

You guys, I’m going to be on TV!

The Red Dots of Distraction!!!

Is anyone else as distracted as I am by these alluring RED notifications on your apps?!

Oh, yeah, a miracle!

As an adult, the magic of the holiday season may morph into a "bah-humbug" or two about end of the year spending, extra errand-running, and planning the best route home to avoid holiday traffic. It’s easy to lose sight of the family time, religious significance, and look to a new beginning that[…]

What's a Gobo?!

Have you ever been in a meeting when someone uses a term you’ve never heard before but everyone else is nodding in agreement? You may feel like you’re taking crazy pills or at least that you're in a bit over your head. Then later you Google it.