Creating Impactful Virtual Experiences on Short Notice

With political, economic and pandemic uncertainty at an all-time high, Sequence is being engaged to execute virtual events within shorter time frames than ever. The days of 10-month lead times are long gone, having been replaced by 10-week planning windows — and that’s if we’re lucky! So while we[…]

The Many Options for Capturing Video Content

As we discussed in our posts about the pros & cons of pre-recording and live streaming, we want to delve more into the various options for pre-recording video content for a virtual or hybrid event as well. Also, a reminder that pre-recording and live streaming don’t have to be mutually exclusive![…]

How #TeamSEQ Brought Brooklyn Bridge Park Conservancy's First Hybrid Gala to Life

The emerging possibility in various markets to create safe hybrid events — events which combine both in-person and virtual elements — has allowed us to strategize with our clients as we redefine what “hybrid” means today and potentially for tomorrow. The most recent example is one of our favorite[…]

Tips from #TeamSEQ Technical Production

As Team SEQ continues to run at full speed with virtual events, we can see that our clients and audiences have entered into a new phase of familiarity with them as well. Whereas in March everyone was gobsmacked, April and May the brave were experimenting, June through August everyone was getting on[…]