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8 Must-Have Moments at a Sales Kick-Off Event

A sales kick-off (SKO) event is a prime chance for companies to fire up their sales teams, set the tone for the year, and get everyone on the same page. This is especially crucial in an increasingly remote-first world, when teams are scattered around the country or even the world.

Best Practices for Working With an External Event Team

We always encourage new clients to view us as members of their own teams — ones who just so happen to bring event-specific expertise, a fresh perspective, and a commitment to making their lives easier.

6 Things to Think About When Choosing a Name for Your Conference

What’s in a name? When it comes to event branding: a lot!

The Importance of Creativity & Design

There are certain things you can always expect from a SEQ event, like well-handled logistics, seamless budget management, engaging programming, and nitty-gritty details that all relate back to an event’s mission. But one of the biggies? A non-negotiable emphasis on creativity and design—that goes[…]

5 Ways to Level Up Your Next Investor Conference

When my event production company, Sequence, was founded in the fall of 2011, our very first client was a prominent NYC hedge fund. We produced its investor conference just a few months later, the first large-scale event under our belt. 2023 saw us overseeing that same conference for the 12th[…]

5 Tips for Creating Engaging Hybrid Events

In 2022, there are more options on the table than ever before when it comes to making event attendees feel included and knocking your event experience out of the park. Hybrid events in particular — events with both in-person and virtual components — have become a popular format, which isn’t[…]

The Future of Work -- and Events

How to Keep Up with Event-Safety Covid Protocols

Over the past few years, event pros have made the most out of the shift to virtual events, and Team SEQ’s no stranger to that opportunity — designing and producing virtual experiences for clients such as TikTok, POPSUGAR, Affirm and the Center for Reproductive Rights, just to name a few. Like[…]

Planning Your Company’s Perfect Summer Outing

After curling up inside all winter, summer is the perfect time to stretch out, bask in the sun, and log some serious outdoor time. That’s also why it’s a great time to invest in employee engagement events, bringing your team together for some fun and relaxation, while at the same time showing how[…]

Five Ways Brands Can Activate Creatively During the Pandemic

You might have thought experiential brand activation would have taken a break during the pandemic. But here at Sequence, we’ve stayed focused on bringing incredible creativity to the way we approach brand activations, no matter what the format! We have a keen eye for immersive events that integrate[…]