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State of Events in 2020 & 2021: What Sequence is Seeing & Hearing

With the extended uncertainty surrounding in-person events, we continue to be asked frequently about what we’re seeing and hearing in the events landscape. Here are a few big-picture observations on the events horizon from our perspective:

Tips for Maintaining Non-Profit Engagement on Virtual Events

At Sequence, we have a special place in our heart for our non-profit clients and their variety of invaluable causes. While the events industry has been hit hard by the devastating effects of the COVID-19 crisis, few have suffered like those in the non-profit realm. Events each have their own[…]

The value of Sponsorship for Virtual Events

We’re seeing the wheel starting to turn as more and more organizations wrap their heads around virtual events as a solution to keep things moving now. As we’ve been coaching our clients on their virtual event needs we have heard a number of them voice concern over retaining a sponsor who had signed[…]

5 Ways Team SEQ is Helping clients switch to virtual

Designing and producing virtual events has become a necessity — often in short order. We’re fortunate that many of the services we have always provided to our clients are still the foundation for a successful virtual experience. Whether it’s sourcing the right technological solution, understanding[…]

7 Observations on Virtual Meetings from the Attendee’s POV

We’ve all been in A LOT of virtual meetings and webinars the last few weeks, both big and small. We’ve experienced some awkward moments and probably had some technical difficulties. Here are a few things we have observed from the participant’s POV which can hopefully help us all make these[…]

5 Questions to Help Set Your Virtual Event Up for Success

We’ve addressed a number of emerging event trends in our most recent newsletters, but no trend is currently more prevalent than virtual events. Many planners and marketers are looking to online events to fill the live void, and there is no shortage of technology platforms to choose from. As you[…]

Events and Covid-19: Smart Tech Solutions

There is no shortage of tech, online and virtual event solutions these days, and it seems like more surface daily. While there’s no one-size-fits-all provider, the good news is that there are customized solutions to fit each client’s needs. Here are just a few that we’re impressed with.