Events and Covid-19: Smart Tech Solutions

There is no shortage of tech, online and virtual event solutions these days, and it seems like more surface daily.  While there’s no one-size-fits-all provider, the good news is that there are customized solutions to fit each client’s needs.  Here are just a few that we’re impressed with.


IMS Technology Services

Who they are: Women-owned company providing AV systems integration, technology, and project management.

How they can help (right now): By offering a wide range of options for virtual and live streaming events from the most basic (using Zoom) to complete customization with integrated guest registration, password protection, bilingual streaming, and document libraries.

When to work with them: When you know what you are looking for but need someone to help you get there.



Who they are: Glisser is a slide sharing and audience response system that shares presentation slides to smartphones in real time

How they can help (right now): By combining live video and interactive slide sharing to create engaging, virtual meetings -- and analytics post-event

When to work with them: When to work with them: You are planning a conference or event for attendees that tend to be on the go



Who they are: Socio creates branded apps for events, conferences, and trade shows that can be used for in person or virtual events

How they can help (right now): If your virtual events are looking for a  multi-faceted app accompaniment. 

When to work with them: When your focus is attendee engagement.  Socio has valuable (and fun) ways to connect guests, including gamification add-ons.



Who they are: A digital experience platform that creates and delivers professional, data-rich, fully branded live audio and video webinars

How they can help (right now): With the ability to customize both the audience and the presenter experience 

When to work with them: When you are planning a full day or multi-day conference with multiple sessions and speakers running concurrently 


Have you or your teams been using any smart tech solutions that we missed? We'd love to hear about it!