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Brand Crush: Roblox

There’s no doubt about it, the pandemic forced us to rethink how to have rich, rewarding social experiences — and how to do it all online, during the time when interacting in-person was limited. As an events agency, Sequence knows all about creating engaging virtual experiences. Working with[…]

How Team SEQ Brought Ryan’s World First-Ever Virtual FanFest to Life

For those of you who don’t know, Ryan’s World is a YouTube sensation that features Ryan Kaji, his parents Shion and Loann, and twin sisters Emma and Kate. Ryan’s World is one of the most popular YouTube channels in the world, typically releasing new kids-centric video content daily, some of which[…]

Brand Crush: Center for Reproductive Rights

With #GivingTuesday approaching on Nov. 30, we are sharing our Brand Crush on a nonprofit client that is near and dear to our SEQ-hearts. Fueled by the mission to advance reproductive rights and fundamental human rights around the globe, the Center for Reproductive Rights (The Center) does critical[…]

Five Ideas for Dynamic Virtual Employee Engagement Events

As we’ve shared before, virtual experiences are here to stay for a variety of reasons: benefits in cost, convenience, experience design, message amplification and sustainability, just to name a few.

10 Memorable Events We’ve Produced This Last Decade

The Delta Variant's Impact On Upcoming Events

As the Delta variant of COVID-19 makes its rounds, Team SEQ is once again helping our clients reassess their event plans in order to adjust to new health and safety guidelines, and the ever-changing landscape of guest experience.

The Only Thing Better Than SWAG is Sustainable SWAG

As an enhancement to virtual and hybrid events (and an IRL touchstone) we have been creating more and more robust swag options these days. We’re not just talking about any kind of swag, but ethical, eco-friendly swag to boot! In the early days of COVID mailing anything to event attendees felt off,[…]

Celebrating Women & Our Clients Who Support Them

Last night Sequence produced the Center for Reproductive Rights third annual Los Angeles benefit. The event could not have been more timely. Right in the middle of Women’s History Month and a few short days after International Women’s Day, the Center for Reproductive Rights’ [CRR] annual gala[…]

Diversity Scholarship Initiative

At Sequence, we understand that diversity is crucial for a successful and vibrant events industry (the more unique points of view in the mix, the better!). While the current landscape is more challenging in our industry today than ever before, we know that the barriers for BIPOC (Black, Indigenous,[…]

The Silver Lining of Virtual

While most event producers would say without pause that they prefer live events to virtual, there are some of us who have embraced this pandemic as a period of learning and honing creativity within a format that is likely a staple of our industry from here on out. It’s not just about going through[…]