The Only Thing Better Than SWAG is Sustainable SWAG

As an enhancement to virtual and hybrid events (and an IRL touchstone) we have been creating more and more robust swag options these days. We’re not just talking about any kind of swag, but ethical, eco-friendly swag to boot! In the early days of COVID mailing anything to event attendees felt off, but as the news became more and more clear that surfaces were not a concern, our clients have been eager to bring back gifting more than ever. Team SEQ is discussing some of our favorite companies to work with, why sustainable swag is trending, and how gifts can elevate your next event no matter if you are planning a live, virtual, or hybrid format.

As with everything, we have a long list of gifting vendors we prefer to work with. What takes it over the top for us is when a product is sustainable and their company’s mission mirrors our own and our clients’ values. When it comes to swag, we’ve been focusing on finding vendors that have launched catalogues of sustainable brands and products. Also key is finding vendors who have developed sustainability programs that improve their internal environmental and social initiatives across their entire supply chain. These are the types of vendors we love to work with!

Sustainability has been an increasingly important topic within the events industry and more and more companies are showing their support for the environment by changing both internal and external practices. We’ve noticed, and are so excited to see, that more brands are putting an emphasis on CSR, especially when it comes to the events that they host and the gifts they give at those events. Choosing sustainable swag is a super-easy way to make sure your brand is embodying eco-friendly initiatives. Sequence can help guide you to the right vendors and items for your unique needs!

Another great approach to more sustainable gifting practices can go beyond just your swag selections. Setting up a “swag store” where guests can choose what they actually want to receive is another way to reduce waste. So is a “virtual swag bag” which contains a selection of discounts, redeemable coupons, or gift cards vs. anything that’s physically mailed. As a bonus, both of these opportunities provide options to engage multiple event sponsors, a huge plus! 

Swag helps reinforce community among your event attendees, especially during virtual events. There’s nothing more fun than the whole company coming to their internal virtual conference decked out in branded swag or drinking out of the same mug. Virtual photo-op, required! It helps people feel close, even when they are still far away. Swag helps build community across all types of event formats and keeps the event fun and fresh.

Navigating how to approach gifting and swag for your event while staying on message and true to your brand values is a fun and functional challenge. Don’t worry, Team SEQ has got you covered! Sign up for a free consultation with one of our event professionals to help guide you on your next event planning journey. We can’t wait to connect!