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The 2019 Oscars: No Host is the Most

Image: Valerie Macon/AFP/Getty Images Last Monday morning our very own Liz Carroll gave the 2019 Oscars an “A” grade in BizBash’s roundup, applauding the results of the show going hostless for the first time in thirty years. Liz’s commentary inspired us to dig deeper into the topic and weigh in on[…]

Lessons from Rent (Not So) Live


Dancing into the Production of The 2018 HSMAI Adrian Awards

In Event Production, we always try to creatively solve challenges and make our events better and better. 

SEQ Sips: The Summer Tropical Trend Report

Summer is already half way through and we are no strangers to the latest summer trend sweeping NYC— Tropical Outdoor Getaways!  Of course relaxing, tropical settings are not what you think of when pondering where to get your next drink in the concrete jungle.  However, clever bar owners are[…]

5 Ways to Create a Celebration Where Everyone Wins

Every year your office holiday party probably checks the same boxes: drinks (check), food (check), entertainment (check).

5 Insta-worthy Cocktails to Stave Off the End-of-Summer Blues

We’re pretty sure we blinked and the summer sped by. Soon our Instagram feeds will give way from #poolsidebeverages to #hottoddyorbust. The only thing keeping us from despair over the fleeting summer is the promise of these Insta-worthy winter cocktails:

10 NYC Holiday-Party-Ready Venues

Yep, we’re talking Holiday Parties again. Our M.O. is to plan ahead ;)

TeamSEQ Summer '17 Faves

Team SEQ loves our New York City summers - rooftops, outdoor performances, Coney Island, Ample Hill Ice Cream, baseball games, what’s not to love*? From NYC and beyond, check out what Team SEQ most loves about Summer 2017...

5 Tips for Planning an Awesome Holiday Party*

*without blowing your budget

Happy (belated) birthday to us!

In the midst of a super busy month for Team SEQ, Sequence turned 5! If Sequence were a child it would be learning how to read and write, solving abstract problems, perhaps even riding a bike… aww. Oh, you're wondering what's on Sequence's birthday gift wish list?!?! (Thanks for asking)