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Best Practices for Working With an External Event Team

We always encourage new clients to view us as members of their own teams — ones who just so happen to bring event-specific expertise, a fresh perspective, and a commitment to making their lives easier.

7 Must-Read Tips for Employee Engagement Events

Brand Crush: Reddit

Reddit’s “Explorers Club” at Cannes Lions 2022

5 Tips for Maximizing Your Event Marketing Plan

Why Your Event Needs a Strong Visual Identity

Having a strong visual identity isn’t just about aesthetics; it's about creating an environment that fosters connection, communication, and lasting memories for your attendees, while also reinforcing a brand’s key messaging and values.

How to Effectively Integrate Sponsors at Your Next Conference

Let’s face it: Hosting an event can be expensive—and ticket sales aren’t always enough to offset costs. That’s where sponsorships come in.

6 Things to Think About When Choosing a Name for Your Conference

What’s in a name? When it comes to event branding: a lot!

6 Former Interns Reflect on Their Time at Sequence

The Thanksgiving season always allows us reflect on the things we’re most grateful for—and at Sequence, much of that is centered on our incredible team. And that includes our interns, both current and former!

Brand Crush: All-Things Nostalgia

Typically, our “Brand Crush” series spotlights standout companies that are thinking outside of the box and using innovative strategies to connect with consumers—particularly through events and experiential activations. But this season, our crush isn’t as much on one particular brand as it is on a[…]

How to Identify (and Appeal to) Your Event’s Target Audience