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Brand Crush: Roblox

There’s no doubt about it, the pandemic forced us to rethink how to have rich, rewarding social experiences — and how to do it all online, during the time when interacting in-person was limited. As an events agency, Sequence knows all about creating engaging virtual experiences. Working with[…]

How to Keep Up with Event-Safety Covid Protocols

Over the past few years, event pros have made the most out of the shift to virtual events, and Team SEQ’s no stranger to that opportunity — designing and producing virtual experiences for clients such as TikTok, POPSUGAR, Affirm and the Center for Reproductive Rights, just to name a few. Like[…]

10 Most Memorable Moments at Shoptalk

Editor's Note: This blog was written by Liz Kamiel, VP, Business Development at Sequence.   I was excited to attend Shoptalk for the first time. The long awaited return to an in-person format (after the previous two years being virtual) was celebrated with a record attendance of over 10,000 people.[…]

Planning Your Company’s Perfect Summer Outing

After curling up inside all winter, summer is the perfect time to stretch out, bask in the sun, and log some serious outdoor time. That’s also why it’s a great time to invest in employee engagement events, bringing your team together for some fun and relaxation, while at the same time showing how[…]

COO, Erin Rynn, Reflects as Sequence Returns to Office

Two years ago we packed up our laptops, left our home [office] on 39th street, only to return to a very different world. I remember the first time I stopped by the office to pick up some belongings later into 2020, the calendar on the front desk still read March 13, 2020. Feeling like I was an[…]

Five Ways Brands Can Activate Creatively During the Pandemic

You might have thought experiential brand activation would have taken a break during the pandemic. But here at Sequence, we’ve stayed focused on bringing incredible creativity to the way we approach brand activations, no matter what the format! We have a keen eye for immersive events that integrate[…]

Why Events Are Important To Your Marketing Strategy

As experts in experiential design and production, we believe events are one of the most effective ways to connect people with brands.  And creating brand champions is, after all, the ultimate goal of marketing, right?

Five Tips For Designing Brand Activations That Stand Out

If you know us, you’re aware that Team SEQ believes integrating brand identity throughout events is essential to creating an effectively impactful experience. Whether in-person, virtual or hybrid events, we design experiences where our clients’ brands are present and stand out in only the best ways!

Omicron’s Impact on Events: What Sequence is Seeing & Hearing

First things first: Our team’s collective New Year’s resolution (or at least our genuine hope) is to make this the last of the “COVID’s Impact on Events” blogs! But as the tumultuous journey persists and our network continues to ask us what we’re seeing and hearing, we wanted to share a few[…]

Event Industry Predictions for 2022

While 2020 completely disrupted the events industry, 2021 didn’t provide much of a reprieve on the volatility front. We had the early-year covid lockdowns and an influx of virtual experiences, followed by the mid-year easing of restrictions and the corresponding spike in demand for in-person[…]