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Where to Host Your Next Virtual Event

One of our most frequently asked questions is about the best platform to host a virtual event. The short answer is that there is no one-size-fits-all solution. Sometimes a formal event platform is the best solution, other times we look to an event landing page. These two options differ in a few key[…]

Three Event Predictions for 2021

2020 required event pros to reimagine how experiences are created, both in concept and execution. Many embraced the world of virtual events as an alternative to live, and some held off with the hope that the coming year would bring back ‘business as usual’ sooner than later.

Three Reflections Heading Into 2021

As the year finally draws to a close, the only issue we'd take with a three-month Caribbean vacation is that it wouldn’t be nearly long enough. As it turns out, a business whose purpose is bringing people together set against a global pandemic that prevents people from being brought together makes[…]

Effectively Fundraising in Virtual

Back in April, Forbes Magazine highlighted the initial scramble many nonprofits were facing due to COVID canceling live events. Nonprofit organizations had two options: shift their events to virtual or put them on hold. While many forged ahead into the new virtual world, a vital question loomed:[…]

Have a Happy Virtual Friendsgiving!

With Thanksgiving just a day away, many are wondering if it will be possible to achieve the same levels of holiday cheer from a safe distance? We say yes, or at least that a virtual Holiday Party is better than no Holiday Party at all.

Planning for Virtual, Live, AND Hybrid? Here’s How.

As we touched on in our blog a few weeks ago, uncertainty within events right now is still at an all-time high, often leading to shorter planning windows and truncated timelines. For our clients looking to host events later into 2021, the million dollar question still seems to be: live, virtual or[…]

Creating Impactful Virtual Experiences on Short Notice

With political, economic and pandemic uncertainty at an all-time high, Sequence is being engaged to execute virtual events within shorter time frames than ever. The days of 10-month lead times are long gone, having been replaced by 10-week planning windows — and that’s if we’re lucky! So while we[…]

The Many Options for Capturing Video Content

As we discussed in our posts about the pros & cons of pre-recording and live streaming, we want to delve more into the various options for pre-recording video content for a virtual or hybrid event as well. Also, a reminder that pre-recording and live streaming don’t have to be mutually exclusive![…]

How #TeamSEQ Brought Brooklyn Bridge Park Conservancy's First Hybrid Gala to Life

The emerging possibility in various markets to create safe hybrid events — events which combine both in-person and virtual elements — has allowed us to strategize with our clients as we redefine what “hybrid” means today and potentially for tomorrow. The most recent example is one of our favorite[…]

Tips from #TeamSEQ Technical Production

As Team SEQ continues to run at full speed with virtual events, we can see that our clients and audiences have entered into a new phase of familiarity with them as well. Whereas in March everyone was gobsmacked, April and May the brave were experimenting, June through August everyone was getting on[…]