Brand Crush: Roblox

There’s no doubt about it, the pandemic forced us to rethink how to have rich, rewarding social experiences — and how to do it all online, during the time when interacting in-person was limited. As an events agency, Sequence knows all about creating engaging virtual experiences. Working with clients such as TikTok and Ryan’s World provided us the opportunity to push the envelope and create unique ways for people to connect and engage virtually. We proudly designed and produced TikTok's award-winning virtual Creator Meetup and the YouTube sensation Ryan’s World First Ever Virtual FanFest. We know what it takes to make virtual spaces come alive and offer a sense of real-world connection, and that’s why we have a serious crush on Roblox, a global gaming platform whose mission is to bring people together through play. Roblox launched all the way back in 2004, but saw a dramatic increase in interest during the Covid-prompted lockdowns. Impressively, the platform added 50 million new monthly users in that period — and it’s shown no signs of slowing down since. 

Another reason we’re crushing on Roblox? They found a way to seize the moment to boost their brand while offering a much-needed hangout space for kids. During the pandemic, online gaming platforms like Minecraft and Roblox were a valuable lifeline for young users looking to stay connected to their friends. The platform is totally free — awesome news for young users — and is also designed with trust and safety in mind. As Team SEQ knows, the best virtual experiences aren’t just about being exciting and flashy — they also center thoughtfulness and structure in meaningful ways.

But that’s not all. Maybe the biggest reason we’ve been so impressed by Roblox is their willingness to experiment with new types of events and virtual experiences. When we typically think of the Metaverse, we think of virtual meeting spaces and unique virtual events, as showcased by tech giants like Facebook and Microsoft. In a sense, online gaming platforms like Roblox served as helpful precursors for the development of the Metaverse — and they’re still innovating in impressive ways we can’t help but admire. One example of that? Roblox’s Twenty One Pilots concert experience included a scavenger hunt and puzzles so that fans could earn virtual rewards and merch from the interactive concert. Another example is their recent partnership with Gap. Together, Roblox and Gap announced the creation of a first-ever brand experience that enables young audiences to explore their individual style and freely express themselves.

Sequence prides itself on being both left and right-brained, so this level of creativity is definitely crush-worthy for us!

Creating beautifully designed virtual events is awesome, but if you can find a way to create a deeper narrative and sense of connection, that’s when we’re really impressed. In other words, if you want Team SEQ to develop a serious crush on your brand, you need to show us you know how to build a community. And when it comes down to it, Roblox has done just that. As a virtual reality space where players can create their own customized avatars and interact with other players in a variety of user-created worlds and games, Roblox knows how to build communities in meaningful ways. There’s a chat feature to allow communication, and nearly 9.5 million of the platform's users are also developers, meaning they actively generate content and activities on the platform — a clear sign that the platform is generating the kind of engagement and deep investment we value. 

With our own experience creating unique, interactive virtual experiences, we’ve kept our eyes out for exciting, kids-centric Multiverse experiences, which is exactly why Roblox has impressed us with its innovation in the digital space. 

Hey Roblox, let’s connect. We’d love to work with you!