Brand Crush: Think Rosie


Scrolling through my instagram feed, I tend to rapidly click through stories to see if anything catches my eye. While looking at a favorite biz mama feed @HeyMamaCo recently I saw a beautiful simple graphic that happened to contain one word: the name of my daughter, Rosie.


I clicked back and paused since I didn’t know what I was actually looking at. Then clicked through to the tagged account @think.rosie. First, I was struck by the BEAUTIFULLY curated feed with a mix of graphics, phrases, filtered images and b&w or warm-hued photography. The messages were strong, simple, visually cohesive, and clearly about people.


Then, I looked at their insta description: Consulting Agency. Storytelling agency for non-profit organizations, people, and brands doing good in the world. We think Rosie.


I visited their website to find out even more. Quickly, I got it - they are essentially a super niche communications agency. But using the term “storytelling” makes the branding so personable. The copy is casual, yet inspiring. Combine that with the adorable yet strong human name, Rosie (a la “Riveter” - the ultimate feminist amalgam), and the warm rose-inspired color scheme and positive connotations abounded. We’re helping the good guys get the word out!


We often think of brand in the context of consumer products. Usually the good guys are too busy to worry about visual brand. A lot of the work we do with non-profit organizations (which we LOVE!) isn’t focused on their visual brand as much as their messaging and how to convey it within a live experience. But clearly, Rosie is thinking about the whole package. They’re walking the walk and talking the talk. Their brand is their marketing.


I wondered if they did events… but that wasn’t listed on their very clear “About Us” page, so looks like not. Immediately I wanted to partner with them. HOW CAN WE WORK TOGETHER, ROSIE?! Hilariously, I have been nervous to reach out since I get so many solicitation emails a day and tend to delete them en masse. Would someone actually respond if I sent a “let’s work together!” note? So, in true millennial style, I’m posting it online. Call us, Rosie! We would love to bring your client’s stories to life via events and experiential.