Future Forecast: 7 Event Industry Predictions for 2024


As we say goodbye to another year, it feels like we’re on the cusp of something really exciting in the event world—this intersection of innovation and tradition, where emerging technologies and timeless human connections are converging to redefine our industry. But in this ever-changing landscape, it can be hard to know what to expect. 

In my 12+ years as Chief Creative Officer of Sequence, I’ve witnessed firsthand the transformative power of events—and have some educated guesses about what’s to come. My predictions? Technology, sustainability, and inclusivity will continue to be a major focus in 2024, and in-person and hybrid gatherings will continue to outshine virtual. But we’ll also see a greater focus on strategy and year-round engagement, and an increase in interactive, action-oriented events that focus on personalization and emotional connection. 

Here’s what else I’m predicting for 2024…

1. There will be a major focus on employee engagement after the tumultuousness of 2023.

At SEQ, employee engagement events are some of our favorites. In our view, live events have a unique power to foster a positive workplace culture and enhance the overall performance of an organization. But in 2022, Workhuman and Gallup found that just 1 in 4 employees feel strongly connected to the culture at their companies.

I’m increasingly hopeful that’s changing, though, as clients and colleagues alike are finding new appreciation for internal employee events. These gatherings are not just about breaking the monotony of day-to-day work; they serve as essential tools for building team spirit, encouraging collaboration, and boosting morale—particularly in our often remote-first work world. 

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2. Flat budgets will challenge us all to do more with less.

By some estimates, event costs are rising as much as 25%—but budgets aren’t necessarily rising to meet the demand. At SEQ, we see this as an opportunity for creativity. We start by having careful conversations with our clients about what’s a must-have versus what’s a nice-to-have—because every client has different priorities, and budgets should never exist in a vacuum.

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3. Organizations will place a larger emphasis on developing a year-round strategy.

It’s easy to view events as a one-off project that you stop thinking about the moment the doors close. But at SEQ, we’re seeing more and more clients—with our encouragement—focusing on developing a year-round brand and marketing strategy that strategically, efficiently, and seamlessly integrates events. Keeping our team involved throughout the year leads to a more customized and cohesive strategy—and helps build relationships where we essentially become an extension of their team, leading to better ROI, more personalized and impactful    events.

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4. AI will lead to more personalized experiences.

It’s impossible to talk about 2024 without mentioning the impact of advanced technology like AI. The tool is increasingly making its way into our daily work, offering tools for automating certain processes and freeing us up to do the creative work we excel in.

It’s also offering some exciting opportunities for event personalization. AI-driven experiences can cater to individual preferences, from customized agendas to personalized networking opportunities. This level of customization will not only enhance the attendee experience, but also provide valuable data to organizers and sponsors.

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5. More time will be spent outside the ballroom.

We’re seeing more and more corporate clients aiming to shake things up by infusing interactive, experiential moments into traditional conferences and summits, or even looking into unconventional venues or unique breakout moments.

Events are no longer the only way to network or consume content—so if you’re having a live gathering, you have to find reasons for your attendees to want to come. In 2024, I’m expecting more companies to leverage events to create memorable, interactive experiences that engage attendees on a deeper level and create lasting impressions.

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6. Mental wellness will take center stage.

While sustainability and inclusivity will undoubtedly stay in the spotlight (and for good reason!), I’m also loving the increased focus on mental health and neurodiversity, too. In 2024, I expect we’ll see even more events incorporating elements like mindfulness sessions, wellness workshops, and spaces dedicated to relaxation and reflection. 

Marriott, for example, recently launched a new initiative centered around neurodiverse attendees that includes dedicated quiet rooms for guests experiencing sensory overwhelm, plus tools and resources like noise-canceling earplugs, warnings about loud music, and more. So inclusive and thoughtful! 

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7. Design-wise, we’re expecting calming colors that evoke peace and comfort.

While design decisions always vary depending on a client’s goals, for the SEQ team, an emphasis on design and creativity is non-negotiable. This of course goes far beyond choosing a color scheme and florals—but I’ll admit I’m loving Pantone’s Color of the Year choice for 2024, a calming peach tone that evokes warmth, connection, and wellness.

In 2024, I’m anticipating an even greater emphasis on design moments that not only have visual appeal, but that evoke emotions to create a memorable experience. Sustainability will also heavily influence design choices, with reusable materials, biodegradable decor, and upcycled furniture at the forefront of event design.

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