Why Events Are Important To Your Marketing Strategy

As experts in experiential design and production, we believe events are one of the most effective ways to connect people with brands.  And creating brand champions is, after all, the ultimate goal of marketing, right?

Fortunately for the SEQ team, Bizzabo reported that 85% of marketing leaders surveyed believe events are critical to their company’s success. Yay! We’d like to have a nice chat with the other 15%....if we could, we’d remind them:

Events allow people to experience your brand promise.

The proof is in the pudding. A brand promise comes alive when people experience it for themselves; otherwise, it’s just a statement. What better way for a person to encounter a brand for the first time than in a controlled environment, an experience designed on purpose. An Event Marketer Study found that 91% of consumers have more positive feelings about brands after attending events and experiences. Hello proof, meet pudding!

Events provide an opportunity to make an emotional connection.

Studies have long shown that people make decisions—be it business, relationships or whether to buy that amazing cupcake—based on emotions. So offering an experience where people can connect to other people, products or services is the fastest way to appeal to their emotional needs. 

For example, we’ve helped our clients build stronger employee connections by creating in-person, hybrid and virtual experiences where everyone from senior staff to young professionals get to know each other outside of the office. We’ve also put new products into the hands of our clients’ audiences through virtual activations. During one of our recent virtual events for Ryan’s World, a YouTube sensation, the kid-centric audience was able to build a custom wishlist of toys featured throughout the show with the opportunity to download the wishlist after the event. These unique interactions made the audience feel like an active participant in the event! The goal is always to make that personal connection for an emotional impact.

Events provide the perfect environment for an overall sales strategy.

What do you have when you are able to drive leads, grow a pipeline of prospective customers and produce quantifiable results? That’s an effective (and efficient) sales funnel opportunity!

We love to wrap up a beautiful sales opportunity and place it right in the hands of our clients. For example, we’ve worked with numerous clients on creative product launches while focusing on their end goal: selling the product to their consumer base. We design opportunities for companies to meet the audiences they want to be in front of and then give them the time and tools to learn more about each other before, during and after events. This assists in nurturing relationships and growing future possibilities. 

Bottom line: human connections matter.

Think about this: while COVID-19 has shifted the landscape of how business is conducted in all kinds of ways, events still remain a part of the marketing mix. This is proven by the fact that they’re still happening as virtual, hybrid and in-person, when possible. If events didn’t provide such strong results of brand interaction, they would have been canceled all together. The future’s too bright for that to happen, and we’re here for it!

We can’t wait to connect with you.