Five Ideas To Elevate Your Employee Engagement Event

As restrictions ease and more companies have employees returning to the office, there’s been a renewed focus on employee engagement. Employee engagement has always been important but never more so than now, as many companies look to transition away from some level of remote work and promote the benefits of in-person. So, to celebrate this exciting development, we wanted to share a few ideas on how to elevate your next employee event!


  1. Integrate Team Building: Once upon a time, a cocktail reception and some passed apps may have been sufficient for your team’s outing. Today, there’s a renewed emphasis on promoting connection and camaraderie, and employees may need a helping hand to get back into the swing of things after such a long hiatus. Whether you decide to incorporate a few old-fashioned games, playful ice-breakers, or challenging brain teasers, consider integrating an element of teamwork to help facilitate conversations and connections.

  2. Go with a Theme: An event theme can help provide conversation starters and give your team something to talk about to break the ice. A theme can be integrated into the event design, activities or both, and can also be a great way to organically (and light-heartedly) engage your employees in the experience. 

  3. Utilize Indoor & Outdoor Space: Though restrictions continue to be eased, every individual’s comfort level with in-person gatherings is unique. Make sure you appeal to the spectrum of Covid concerns by hosting your event at a venue that has both indoor and outdoor space. Take advantage of the summer weather and open air, and show your employees that you’re prioritizing them and their safety. Need venue suggestions? Team SEQ has got you covered!

  4. Host In-Office: It’s quite possible that many of your employees haven’t been to the office in over a year. If you happen to have a space that would accommodate, consider hosting an event at your office and getting your team excited about seeing each other and being back on familiar ground.

  5. Make it Optional: Last but not certainly least, make your event optional. Provide enough incentive for employees to want to attend without requiring attendance. Getting your team excited about the event is the first step, but allowing them a choice (especially when health concerns are still high) shows true commitment and appreciation to your team!


Team SEQ would love to help you produce your next employee engagement event. Sign up for our free 30-minute consultation today for help planning the perfect event to finally bring your team back together. We can’t wait to connect with you!