Brand Crush: Reddit


Reddit’s “Explorers Club” at Cannes Lions 2022


Reddit’s public perception has quietly been evolving in recent years, and the company—while still facing some challenges that come with such a large, user-led platform—has become an undeniably powerful driver of community and conversation, spotlighting niche interests and fostering genuine connections. (Not to mention leaning into advertising, which the platform started laying the groundwork for in 2023.)

According to SimilarWeb, in fact, Reddit is now the 10th most-visited website in the United States, and 16th in the world. Today, the platform’s 100,000 subreddits boast 70 million active users, with more than 50,000 moderators overseeing them—and in 2024, it’s expected to go public with a valuation as high as $15 billion. What’s more, almost 70% of its visitors are under the age of 34—and more than 35% of them are female. 

The brand seems to be nurturing this demographic shift in our favorite way: through live events and activations. So today, we’re naming Reddit as our newest Brand Crush. 

In 2022, Reddit was an unexpected newcomer to the buzzy Cannes Lions Festival of Creativity in France, popping up with the colorful, custom-built Explorers Club designed to help brands and marketers understand the influence of Reddit's most passionate communities. An exterior screen let passersby upvote or downvote statements, just like they would on the platform, and the inside was an engaging, museum-like space highlighting top moments in Reddit history along with its power to help users “find their people.”

The brand returned to Cannes Lion in 2023 with another activation, this one centered on research showing that every second, an average of two people ask Reddit communities for a recommendation—and receive an average of 19 responses.

Reddit also appeared at CES for the first time in 2023, hosting a Future Tellers-inspired installation—complete with an oversized crystal ball and “communi-tea leaves”—that showcased its users’ ability to predict trends. And just last month, its second CES activation creatively brought advertisers on a journey through how an initial question, idea, or passion on the platform can lead to a well-informed purchase decision.

Clearly, the brand appreciates the power of live events—and perhaps even more importantly, the power of community and innovation. In a wide-ranging interview with Fast Company in late 2023, cofounder and CEO Steve Huffman acknowledged some of the challenges facing such an enormous community and teased future innovations, including increased accessibility features, AI-powered features that can flag rule-violating material before it’s published, and more. 

Huffman also noted that he’s been focused on building trust through ongoing in-person visits to moderators, along with a recent virtual moderator summit that attracted several thousand participants. “I think community is a fundamental part of being human, and I think authenticity is nearly synonymous with the concept,” Huffman told Fast Company.

In our view, Reddit stands out in the crowded landscape of social media and online communities—and its recent focus on live events, authentic community conversations, increased moderation, and new advertising streams is worthy of admiration. Reddit’s success is a powerful reminder of the importance of cultivating community in any form of engagement, whether online or in-person.

Hey Reddit, let’s connect. We’d love to work with you!