Brand Crush: San Diego Comic-Con International



At Sequence, we’re always down for a dramatic comeback, and we’re impressed by events that make a bold, memorable statement. That’s why we’ve been developing a bit of a brand crush on one of the most popular conventions in the world, San Diego Comic-Con International! 

What’s that you’re saying? That Comic-Con is an event, not a brand? We’d argue that there are certain large-scale events — we’re thinking the Academy Awards, the World Cup, and the Super Bowl — that are also masterful exercises in branding. 

Comic-Con is simultaneously a brand, an event, and a pop-culture phenomenon. It’s the Coca-Cola of conventions, the Givenchy of galas. There are hundreds of comic book-related events every year, but when you hear the name Comic-Con, you can’t help but think of the original. That’s no small feat for an event that was started, and is still run, by a nonprofit organization.

The flagship comic convention — originally known as the Golden State Comic Book Convention — has been held in San Diego since 1970. Since that first gathering of several dozen people, it has become a truly massive affair. In 2019 alone, it brought more than 135,000 people. After a two year hiatus due to the pandemic, it was critical for the team behind Comic-Con to bring it back in style — and let’s just say, they delivered with a record-breaking crowd. 

If there’s one thing Comic-Con is known for, it’s the massive crowds it draws, with many attendees decked out in colorful cosplay representing some of the most famous characters from comic books, anime, television shows, movie franchises, and more. That’s Comic-Con’s overall brand, and it hasn’t changed all that much in more than 50 years — except for the fact that the costumes have gotten more and more elaborate. When it opens its doors, the TV cameras are always rolling. 

But Comic-Con doesn’t get taught in marketing classes just because it's a genius at branding itself. It provides the perfect canvas for a wide range of companies that want to show off their latest releases. At Comic-Con 2022, fans were treated to stunning activations both inside and outside the San Diego Convention Center. From a giant inflatable model of rock legend Ozzy Osbourne and a massive statue promoting the manga Dragon Ball Z, to a fully immersive dragon den and throne room inspired by HBO’s hit show House of the Dragon, SDCC 2022 consistently found ways to wow fans of every stripe. 

Team SEQ has a wealth of experience designing memorable experiences that provide a sense of connection and community, which is exactly why Comic-Con’s annual celebration of fandom has us so impressed. 

Hey Comic-Con, let’s connect. We’d love to work with you!