Brand Crush: Sephora



At Sequence, we love interactivity that goes hand in hand with creativity, and we’re constantly on the lookout for brands who know how to pull that off. So it’s no surprise our latest brand crush is iconic beauty brand Sephora! If you’ve ever stopped by one of their stores, you know how interactive the experience can be. Their in-store experience gives shoppers the ability to experiment and visualize what their products might look like with digital technologies, plenty of screens and iPads, and even augmented reality. Sephora’s showrooms take interactivity to the next level, creating an experience that’s personalized, tailored, and memorable

Sephora always puts the customer experience first, leading with creativity and strategy in building an omni-channel approach to redefine the cosmetics shopping experience. One genius move we’ve been admiring from afar? Sephora allows customers who’ve racked up a significant amount of points to attend special events. To our mind, it’s a super smart way to build interest and excitement, and create an intriguing atmosphere of exclusivity — all while imbuing each and every purchase with a sense of being rewarded and appreciated. 


One stunning experience we’ve had our eye on is SEPHORiA, a free virtual beauty event jam packed with experiences, tutorials, live and pre-recorded content, luxurious 3D environments, and more, all meant to showcase Sephora’s inclusive approach to beauty. Originally designed as a live, ticketed event in 2018 and 2019, SEPHORiA’s transition to a virtual event has been seamless, with an enormous amount of care given to making the experience just as exciting and immersive for guests. As an events agency, Sequence knows all about creating engaging virtual experiences, and we’re always the first to cheer when we see it done well — so three cheers for SEPHORiA!


At the heart of SEPHORiA was a freeform, choose-your-own-adventure virtual space that gave attendees the power to shape their own experiences — a pretty powerful matchup of form and content, when you consider part of the event’s theme was creating a sense of belonging, and the lack of diversity and representation in the beauty industry. And while those conversations were designed to take place in The Family Room — the designated zone for “real talk” — the event offered a wide variety of spaces where attendees could have a unique and meaningful experience, including the Home Theater, where Sephora’s hottest new products were showcased, the The Loft, where they could connect with the #SephoraSquad of influencers for tips and advice, to The Backyard, the event’s go-to party space!


It’s not just about extravaganzas, though. Sephora likes to keep the conversation going with smaller events as well. We love engagement, and in our book, anybody who’s finding new ways to reach out to customers and create a sense of community is doing something right. That’s why Sephora’s awesome idea of offering monthly opportunities to interact with beauty experts, influencers, and visionaries who are shaping beauty and wellness in today’s society is such a homerun. 


Case in point? “The Ultimate Guide to Sunkissed Skin with Danessa Myricks,” a live virtual instructional class hosted by beauty entrepreneur Danessa Myricks that taught guests how to achieve a stunning summer glow and get the most out of their seasonal makeup. With an interactive bent — the tutorial allowed guests to ask questions along the way — it’s a fantastic idea for an event that presents obvious value to guests and is guaranteed to be memorable. Maybe the best part, though, is that it manages to deepen their connection to the brand, reminding them of all the fun and creativity that can go into makeup. 


Team SEQ prides itself on our passion for creating exciting and interactive virtual experiences, and we’re also looking for brand’s who are passionate about the same thing, which is why Sephora has more than earned our latest brand crush. 


Hey Sephora, let’s connect. We’d love to work with you!