Five Tips For Designing Brand Activations That Stand Out

If you know us, you’re aware that Team SEQ believes integrating brand identity throughout events is essential to creating an effectively impactful experience. Whether in-person, virtual or hybrid events, we design experiences where our clients’ brands are present and stand out in only the best ways!

How? We’re so glad you asked!

Here's how Team SEQ makes brand activations stand out.

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1. Lead with the theme: Weaving a cohesive theme throughout an event starts from initial guest communications. Make sure RSVPs, email communications, social media templates announcing the event, and anything else that guests receive prior to the event are on brand and on theme. This ensures that when guests arrive to the event they have already been immersed in the experience and are anticipating the rest to come!



2. WOW at first sight: This means guests are immersed by the brand before they even step through the door. We strive to leave no question that you’re in the right place perhaps wrapping a building in floor-to-roof vinyl branding. Inside or out, a colorful balloon activation can make a brand POP! (well, hopefully not pop-pop) Friendly greeters donning brand apparel or offering branded swag lend a personal and approachable touch. We’ve implemented a holographic entrance with custom projection which guests could walk right through Our goal is always to establish a sense of brand from the get-go.



3. Stand-out SWAG: We love to get creative - think fun, sustainable options like stainless steel reusable straws or ethically made branded clothing. Our team focuses on bringing value and innovation to keepsakes.  We’re also known to offer unique options like aromatherapy diffusers or fashionable shoelaces (you know, to tie the experience to the brand). 



4. Entertaining F&B: Brand activation opportunities aren’t just for the obvious places like jaw-dropping entrance moments or swag, we can also weave the brand into areas like Food and Beverage. Roving catering can be both chic and strategically sound, keeping guests fueled while continuing to network or enjoying the entertainment where they sit. Integrating food trucks can offer variety for guests with varying tastes and enhance a low-key brand vibe into the experience. Appeal to art and dessert enthusiasts by turning a regular wall into edible art – donut or dessert masterpiece, anyone? Yes, please!



5. Unexpected guest experiences: The key to a great event is unique guest experiences. And what could be more unpredictable than a pop-up dining or shopping experience either within an event or as an experience to the unsuspecting public? For virtual events, we’ve helped sponsors integrate their brands with 15-second commercials between event content. Sometimes this can include opportunities like sharing a cocktail recipe sponsored by a brand or a demo of an exciting new tech product. Both virtual and in-person events can benefit from branded, unique photo booths – not only do guests love to ham it up for the camera, they also can’t stop themselves from sharing all over their social channels – win/win for the brand sponsoring the booth!


We’ll throw in an extra tip for good measure – the best brand activations are the ones that are mindful of where an event staple can be customized beyond the obvious. Team SEQ has experienced so many brand activation home runs that we take pride in finding the new and exciting options the next time around. Let us know how we can help, and we’d love to bring an innovative brand activation to your next event! We can’t wait to connect with you.