Four Reasons To Engage An Event Agency

As an event agency, we firmly believe in the power of shared experiences and the positive impact they have on our clients’ brands, guests, and larger objectives. The numbers don’t lie. One study found that 97% of marketers agree that events have a major impact on achieving business outcomes, with 87% saying that events are a critical part of their success. Despite the uncertain terrain for in-person events due to Covid, there is no doubt that any event format (virtual, in-person, or hybrid) can help bring your brands’ marketing, sales goals, and other key initiatives to life. 

With a vast majority of brands, nonprofits, and corporations investing time and resources in events, it begs the question: can we do this ourselves, or do we need help from an event agency to produce a successful event? It may come as no surprise that we have a lot of answers to this question! Below we’re outlining why working with an event agency might be exactly what your team needs to create your next event (even if you have an internal event team)!


  • Elevate Your Event Strategy / Strategically: The possibilities for making an event look great and having a fun experience are endless, but bringing strategy into the creative process and leading with the “why” is where an agency like Sequence can take event concept development to the next level. Starting with a deep dive, thorough discovery process about your goals, your brand, your audience, and keeping all of that top of mind with every creative or experiential idea along the way is second nature to us. We create meaningful experiences for audiences to connect with your brand, moving the needle and knocking your KPIs out of the park. From developing a visual identity, to weaving in the most thoughtful experiential and creative elements, to crafting the most compelling programming, agencies like ours bring a 360-degree view and multi-faceted expertise that you cannot get anywhere else. Even if you have an internal team to handle internal politics or some event logistics, we can extend your team’s capabilities and bring tremendous value. 

  • Relieve Pain Points: It’s no secret that even the simplest of events have many moving parts, layers, and urgencies. Many clients who oversee events do not do so as their main job function, or have a large roster of events to manage without robust in-house support. Event agencies can utilize their resources in a much more efficient way than organizations not set up for project-based work. Many agencies will oversee all or just specific parts of an event based on your unique needs, doing a lot of the legwork and bringing informed options to you for final decision-making, saving you a ton of time and hours. This lets you shine in the areas you want to instead! Agencies also bring a focus on the hospitality side of events, and aim to shield their clients from the headaches that event production can bring. 

  • Covid Guidelines: Covid restrictions are still constantly changing and vary from state to state. If your team needs assistance with navigating this new and confusing territory, look no further than an events agency. Our team has its finger on the pulse of all things event industry-related, including the most up-to-date Covid protocols across the country and globe. Working with an international events agency like Sequence can alleviate any lingering questions to make sure your event is not only fun but also safe and within your selected location’s guidelines or company policies.

  • Budget, Budget, Budget!: Engaging an event agency doesn’t always translate to higher costs. Event agencies have a vetted list of contacts and vendors to execute on every request in the book, often preempting costly mistakes and oversights. Those same vendor relationships are usually accompanied by preferred pricing agreements, volume discounts, or both. We will guide you on where you can save without compromising any portion of your event and where it’s worth spending or investing in reusable resources. Team SEQ takes the stress out of the spreadsheet and puts your focus back on the event experience.


Team SEQ can act as an extension of your existing team or as the entirety of your event team as needed. We always ensure that your event meets (and exceeds!) your goals and is on-brand, on message, and on budget. We’ll manage timelines, logistics, wow your attendees, and make sure that you can be part of your own event experience! Better yet, we can make you look like the hero to your key stakeholders with none of the headaches.  

Interested in learning more? Talk to one of our experienced event professionals today by signing up for our free 30-minute consultation. We can’t wait to connect with you!