Planning for In-Person Events with the Emergence of Delta

With the Delta variant on everyone’s minds, some in-person events are once again being reassessed and reimagined. While we’re all excited about a return to in-person experiences, it’s as important as ever to factor in safety and strategic planning. In the spirit of ‘planning for the worst and hoping for the best’, Team SEQ is sharing five suggestions to take into account while designing upcoming in-person events.


  1. Continually Assess Contingency Plans. Given the ever-changing news, guidelines, and facts surrounding covid, a single pre-set contingency plan is likely not good enough. Explore multiple pivots based on different scenarios, and make sure to revisit those options periodically during the planning process. As the landscape changes, Team SEQ makes sure our contingency plans do as well.

  2. Prioritize Safety. If you’re hosting a private event, the safety parameters are solely your decision. Communicating mask requirements and collecting proof of vaccination will help alleviate attendee concerns, and doing so in advance will create a more efficient welcome experience. Most venues have an on-site Covid Compliance plan in place, but that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s to our clients’ (or their guests’) standards. Consider bringing in an outside Covid Compliance Officer/Team to help design the safest and most optimal guest experience.  

  3. Reduce the Guest Count. Fewer attendees may not only help to ensure a safer environment, but it also may create a more intimate and impactful guest experience. At the very least, try and take a conservative approach when it comes to the venue contract and the guest guarantee, which will be much easier to scale up than it will be to scale back after a commitment.

  4. Add a Virtual Element. As we’ve mentioned many times now, virtual is here to stay. Team SEQ has discussed the value of incorporating a virtual element into an event, and that virtual integration is more important now than ever. Aside from the contingency benefit, virtual also opens up additional sponsorship opportunities, more avenues for audience engagement, and an overall increased reach.

  5. Increase Pre-Event Communication. Just as we’re working through what a Covid-safe event looks like, our attendees want to know too. Be sure to communicate with guests often, letting them know the safety measures being put into place and how the event is reacting to the ever-changing landscape. Even if the plan is fluid and evolving, guests will appreciate the proactivity and transparency.

As always, our team has an eye to safety, event design, and strategy for all our events. As we continue to navigate the uncertain times ahead, Team SEQ will continue to share these important guidelines and tips with you. Sequence takes the guesswork out of planning as the events landscape shifts throughout the next year.

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