Sequence Brings on a Fourth Partner

Editor’s Note: This post was written by Sequence CEO Adam Sloyer, with love and support from Sequence’s other two co-founders: Lizz Torgovnick and Dana Lowenfish. 

For the past 10+ years I’ve commuted to the Sequence office in NYC via Metro-North, and I can plainly state that there are only two types of people who ride the train: the Talkers and the Non-Talkers. The Talkers sit with friends or look to make new ones, typically with coffee in-hand. The Non-Talkers, as you can probably piece together, do not engage. I am a Non-Talker, usually taking the time to work (and with headphones in, so my status to inquiring Talkers is clear). Believe it or not there has only been a single time over the past decade that I’ve struck up a conversation with commuting strangers, and I remember it vividly because it also happened to lead to Sequence bringing on a new employee. Today I am so incredibly happy to announce that the same employee has been promoted to Partner!


When Erin Rynn joined us 8 1/2 years ago as a Senior Event Producer, Sequence had six full-time employees. We were trying to find our way as an agency and as a team, seemingly taking equal steps forward and back. The evolution to where Sequence is today, with north of ~35 employees and a roster full of global brands as clients certainly didn’t happen overnight, but it wouldn’t have happened at all had we not found Erin. From the very beginning Erin was so much more than her title. She was Sequence’s #1 fan, her steadiness, values and approachability making her a trusted voice of reason to both colleagues and clients. As Sequence grew so did our need for infrastructure and a tangible company culture, and you probably don’t need to guess who was consistently leading the charge there. Erin’s ascension to Director of Projects and Team Dynamics was a natural fit until the summer of 2021, when it simply didn’t encapsulate all that she brought to the table. Her subsequent promotion to Chief Operating Officer still didn’t do her efforts justice but in conjunction with the add of Partner it should be significantly more suitable. The truth is, Erin has been a partner at Sequence long before this announcement. She’s helped guide and grow the company, mentor the team, and serve as a sounding board for Lizz, Dana and I for as far back as we can remember. So while this announcement changes very little for Sequence practically, we are thrilled for Erin to receive the recognition and accolades she so clearly deserves.


Lastly, we just wanted to send thanks to Erin’s family for being so supportive of her commitment to Sequence. Events — and agency life — is not a 9-to-5, and so we’re incredibly appreciative that they have let her carve out some extra time for the company over the years. 


As for me, I’m not sure the next time I'll decide to engage with strangers on the Metro-North but whenever that happens the bar will be very high.