SEQ SPOTLIGHT: Nobody Said it Was Easy. But Why Can't It Be?

When our team sat down last year to discuss the idea of an SEQ blog, we had no shortage of ideas on content, style and strategic direction.  One of the prevailing thoughts though was that the blog should be about more than just events.  It should incorporate the communications industry as a whole,[…]

Fun Flashback Friday!

Team SEQ is in a great mood! Over the last few weeks, we had an awesome run of successful events, the weather has perked up, summer Friday's are just around the corner, our July / August calendars are filling up and pending vacations dangle in front of us like carrots!  Aaahh, to be a kid again!

Top Ten Reasons to Submit Your Event for an ISES Big Apple Award

The deadline to submit your event for a 2013 ISES Big Apple Award is around the corner.  If you happen to be looking for a good reason to enter, well you're in luck because here are 10.

In Search of True Planning

My latest obsession-of-the-moment is my iPad mini. It's changed my life, people. I have been reading like nobody's business just because I can download whatever I want to read on a whim. Between forays into the  Children's Choice Book Awards "Teen" Category ( yes, admittedly, I am a YA fanatic),[…]

SEQ Spins for Strong Communities

Here at Sequence, we consider our clients family. Everything that our client stands for and supports -- we do too.  We strongly believe that in order to produce a great event - we need to be one with the client's mission.  No question for SEQ, it's a top priority and a critical component to our[…]