Call me… Maybe? Surviving Your Next Conference Call

We’ve all been there:

Totally Terrific Toys

Here at Sequence, we love when our projects provide opportunities that share in our own personal interests - it makes the client connection that much more meaningful!  In the last month we've tapped into our inner-kid, between the awesome LEGO Movie Premiere and the illuminating 2014 Toy of the[…]

Let the Games Begin!

I'm on the couch, remote in hand, wine is poured (a 2010 Cabernet - a nod to the previous Winter Olympics, of course!). I'm ready! Are you?! I. LOVE. THE. OLYMPICS.

My step-brother’s newfound fame (and what that has to do with DVR’ing the Super Bowl)

“Holy Shit”. That was the subject of the email I received from my father on Friday morning. The message was a link to a YouTube video, a video that inexplicably showed my step-brother Ian starring in Bud Light’s primary Super Bowl advertisement. We had heard rumors that Ian was going to be[…]