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Looking Back

If you asked me 13 years ago if I thought I would still be planning events in NYC in the year 2014, I would say ABSOLUTELY NOT! No way, no how- impossible.

NYC Landmarks Re-Opening as Event Spaces

For the past few years it’s clear that the event industry, along with the economy, has been on the mend.  Companies are planning celebratory events again, large meetings are taking place and clients are being entertained with budgets that are sometimes even — dare we say healthy? So business is[…]

Spring is in the air, at least on 34th Street!

After a really long and torturous winter, could it be possible that spring is finally here? Tree buds are working hard to open and hopefully we can retire our winter hats, scarves and gloves for the season.

Spring Has Sprung In NYC!

Here in New York City, as soon as the windows for the Annual Macy's Flower Show are revealed   - you know spring has finally arrived. Beautiful yellow daffodils, purple hyacinth and pink tulips are generously planted throughout the city sidewalks and parks.  Bars and restaurants open their rooftops[…]

Find the solution, not the blame..

At one of the very first events of my career, I was lucky to learn one of the most important rules to practice while executing a successful event.  Keep your eye on the solution vs trying to place blame, especially in situations where time is a factor.

It's My Party And I'll Cry If I Want To!

FULL DISCLOSURE:  I hated EVERY party I had growing up. Ironically, my parties were THE hot topic at the school bus stop year after year.  The anticipation would start to build right after the new year. People whispered and contemplated:  What would be the theme, fun inventive activity, award[…]