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Reflections as SEQ turns Six

We were producing an event last month and Blake Irving, CEO of GoDaddy was being recognized as CEO of the Year. Blake has run GoDaddy for the past five years, and though he’s retiring at the end of 2017 I’ve always admired his leadership style, priorities and values (you can find a good summary[…]

The Evolution of the Wow Moment

As someone who takes an interest in both words and marketing, I’ve always been somewhat fascinated by eponyms.  After all, there’s probably no greater marketing feat than a company that's able to turn its brand name into a common language verb or noun.   Before anyone could ever xerox a document,[…]

5 Tips to Enhance Your Event Security

Dwight Eisenhower was famous for his productivity strategy, and his matrix is still a common reference for time management today.  One of the quadrants in this matrix is ‘important, but not urgent’ and that concept is always top of mind for me when I think about event security.  Today’s world[…]

5 Tips for Weathering an Event Storm

If you work in events and have a prevailing feeling that the weather gods hate you, I’ve got some good news: they don’t.  Actually the chances are quite strong that they don’t even know you (most of the time they’re pre-occupied with cursed sports franchises and family vacations).  The more likely[…]

The Rules of Engagement

The key to any successful event always starts with the same basic question: What does success look like?  While metrics for success vary based on the event and stakeholders, there’s one measure that’s a requirement.  In the world of events, engagement is king.  Regardless of why you’re gathering[…]

My Middle Child

I have three kids. AJ, seven, is sharp, super competitive and hyper-focused.  Abby, four, is easy-going, imaginative and affectionate.  While AJ and Abby can both have their moments, my middle child is easily the most difficult.  Turning five in October, the middle one is unpredictable, incredibly[…]

A Measure of True Success

Last night I was at a networking event, and as usual one question was asked more than any other: 'How’s business?' Akin to ‘How are you?’ most people really don’t care about the answer, but it’s probably for the best as I never know how to thoughtfully respond anyway. Are we busy? Yes. Would we[…]

The events industry is finally mainstream -- but at what cost?

In today’s not-breaking news, the events industry is mainstream.  Organizations are increasingly aware of the importance of live events.  Schools have comprehensive event planning curriculums.  There are more industry conferences than ever before, and there are more smart, creative, talented people[…]

The Sequence roadmap -- and who helped me find it

Owning a business comes with its fair share of challenges, but there’s one for me that consistently lands at the top of the list: You don’t know what you don’t know.  As a business owner you're consistently trying to learn from successes and failures, taking advice from friends and colleagues, and[…]

Sequence Superheroes: Uncovering the Secret Talents of Team SEQ