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The Evolution of the Wow Moment

As someone who takes an interest in both words and marketing, I’ve always been somewhat fascinated by eponyms.  After all, there’s probably no greater marketing feat than a company that's able to turn its brand name into a common language verb or noun.   Before anyone could ever xerox a document,[…]

Happy (belated) birthday to us!

In the midst of a super busy month for Team SEQ, Sequence turned 5! If Sequence were a child it would be learning how to read and write, solving abstract problems, perhaps even riding a bike… aww. Oh, you're wondering what's on Sequence's birthday gift wish list?!?! (Thanks for asking)

My Middle Child

I have three kids. AJ, seven, is sharp, super competitive and hyper-focused.  Abby, four, is easy-going, imaginative and affectionate.  While AJ and Abby can both have their moments, my middle child is easily the most difficult.  Turning five in October, the middle one is unpredictable, incredibly[…]

All Summer Sixteen SEQ Jams

While we may not have scored tickets to Drake's actual Summer Sixteen tour, we're still celebrating all summer with these songs. We have as many genres of music as Ample Hill Creamery has of flavors - and the choices are about as eclectic too.


Many of us remember the rise of the adorable Pikachu during high school (ok some of us during college, and some of us — gulp —during elementary school!), so it’s true when they say that everything comes back into style. This summer it’s not just the chunky platform sandal, but also those lovable[…]

Sequence Superheroes: Uncovering the Secret Talents of Team SEQ

Team SEQ Taste Test: Hummus Impossible

Some of you may know about the oft-exorbitant consumption of hummus at SEQ HQ. At any given time you would find no less than 5 variations of hummus in our fridge. This seemed like the perfect opportunity for a Team SEQ Taste Test, something we hadn't done since the Great Water Debate of 2012[…]

Breaking into Events - Tips from the Pros

Last week I blogged about the constant influx of people seemingly interested in breaking into events, and offered up a few tips on how not to differentiate yourself from the masses. For suggestions on how to separate yourself from the pack I wised up and turned to the experts. Below are some highly[…]

Want to break into events? Start by breaking the mold.

If you’re looking for resources on how to run a successful business you can choose from the millions of available books, articles, classes, videos and lectures. Or if time is of the essence you can whittle it all down to three words: Find great people. Because as we all know, the key to any[…]

The Only Ego In The Room

A few weeks ago Lizz was participating in an off-site meeting with a client, someone who both she and I work closely with. Our client half-jokingly wanted to know what happened when Lizz and I didn’t agree on something, and who ultimately prevailed. I’m sure the conversation ended with Lizz[…]