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PERMIT us to use this space?

Ah the events industry! It can be so very glamorous. The lights, the linens, the flowers…the permits? In today's age of creative, out-of-the box, blowout bashes, permitting is more a part of event life than ever. Though never sexy, the permitting process can end up being the most integral component[…]

One of Sports Business Journal's "Top 40 Under 40" weighs in on events

When you’re featured in Sports Business Journal’s “Top 40 under 40”, you know you’ve made it. I had the privilege of working with one of these sports business legends during my tenure at the NFL Players Association. As someone who’s helping shape events in a commonly male dominated industry, it[…]

Event Venues That Take Flight!

Staging creative and unique events is growing more important to our culture by the day. With social media tools to showcase an impressive canvas, people seem more driven than ever to really put a unique stamp on the event they’re planning. To this end, a common trend we’ve noticed is a focus on[…]

Private Eye Planner

Editor’s Note:  If you were captivated by William and Kate’s NYC visit last week, and you are morally accepting of Legal Stalking, enjoy the read.  Otherwise, well, you’ve been forewarned.  Also, to our client readers…I wanted to reassure you that despite what’s written below, your events are in[…]

Gifting Back...through organized events

The holidays have recently become a popular time for people to embrace their inner planner.  Whether a senior level event producer professionally or a senior level event producer socially, it seems that the moment we spot that first glimmer of foliage or flurries, the population embraces organized[…]

To Gift or Not To Gift

We’ve all been there.  You walk into a conference with a thirst for knowledge that you will soon absorb from the upcoming panelists.  For these two days, you will live and breathe the messaging of this symposium, eager to be inspired on what to take back to the office.  The registration team hands[…]